Who the hell looks up "mixture" on urban dictionary? That's a job for Dictionary.com, good sir. Kids these days...
Mixing mixtures makes mixed emotions
by chuckpudge August 27, 2015
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The act of mixing something. Like moisturing something but mixturizing
Susie can you mixturize a smoothie for me?

Johnny the dumbass decided to mixturize orange juice and pickle juice and drink it.
by Bo$$a$$bitch July 1, 2015
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A mixture of many drugs, one of which, you hope proves effective.
"What's in the bowl?"
"I don't know, dude, it's a shotgun mixture."
by SumaDemDer January 12, 2013
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An assemblage of items that are loosely related. Generally considered to be nearly random in composition. The items grouped together are often odd, uncommon, greatly varied, and/or represent nearly every conceivable combination imaginable.
I ordered a packet of wildflower seeds. It was a "duke's mixture" of flowering plants. There were 45 different kinds of seeds in it, and the only thing they had in common was that they all bloomed.
by GaPawn July 24, 2009
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An Eagle Mixture is situated on women's pussy when a women is on her period. It's a mixture of period juice, cum, cheese and pubes.
I just slept with this slut and she totally had an eagle mixture it was discuting.
by Hamish2000 February 24, 2012
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Mainly used by teenagers to secretly take alcohol without their parents knowing.

The process is to take up to an inch of liquour from each bottle you have and add them together into one large bottle so that it looks doesn't like some of the alcohol went 'missing'
1) We shared a dolly mixture last night.

2) 'Why do you do a dolly mixture?'

'So that my mom doesn't find out that i'm secretly taking some. You should try it sometime.'
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A South African word for lean, which is a mixture of codiene and soda.
1. We're just sippin' on a happy mixture.
2. Yo bro are you in the mood for a happy mixture?
by Flakes July 22, 2019
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