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Sub par educational institute, located in baltimore county, maryland. Orange and yellow lockers are strewn randomly throughout the campus and give it that nice homely "pukey" feeling. Students enrolled here enjoy such activities as smoking weed, getting excessively drunk, and having casual sex with as many of their classmates as possbile. The school has had a line of notorious sluts. The lack of supervision from horrendous school officials has lead to a large amount of abscences and truancies at the school, due to the ability to literally just walk out of school and go home. Brown and Gold are the team colors, reminiscent of shit and piss. The icing on the Owings Mills shit cake is the football team. suffering constant football losses for years on end, it has deprived the students of all school spirit and enthusiasm. Its more insufferable than a cosby sweater
Man, that is one nasty, trashy, hoe, such an Owings Mills High girl
by wtfhahahk October 21, 2010
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