both, indicating that each of the two following phrases must be done or will occur
by Phil Kerpen's Pubic Hair April 9, 2005
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A great hypothetical game to play at a bar or at work to find out who you think is the hottest or most disgusting person. You have to choose between two people on which you’d have missionary style sex, lights on, eyes open, and you can’t choose death.
Dude, Either/Or: Tatiana or Alex. You have to bang one or the other and can’t choose death.
by TexasDiesel February 21, 2021
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Either you are fully compliant with a rule or you don't get the credit
For an exam, it's a either-or scenario, either you pass it or you fail.
by Didou April 5, 2010
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me neither. when someone says it fast enough to verbally change the two words into two completely different words.
person a: hey did you do that english essay?
person b: no
person a: mean either
by vladamir selador June 27, 2010
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The physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of making a decision.
I'm fairly certain James just had an either/orgasm while he was deciding who he liked more, Kimmy Gibbler or Waldo Faldo.
by forevertwelve September 21, 2009
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Same thing as Me Neither.. Just Goes By Preference
Matt: I Am Not Going To Change My Notifications

Dylan: Not Me Either!
by Dylanarod May 29, 2015
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