Southernest slang for Atlanta, Ga
Peace up A-town: Usher, yeah
Its A-town: Young Bloodz, Damn
by Ashshalee b May 16, 2004
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City of crunkness!
Located in Atlanta, GA (ATL)
A town is where we get crunk!!!
by GINGER-SNAPS June 17, 2005
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Aledo, Texas.

Or, any town whose name starts with the letter A. Most of the time, its the white kids pretending to be black.
Brewer kid: "So where do you go to school?"

Aledo kid: "A-town, babayh!"
by frickin' A, man! June 8, 2005
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Arlington County Virginia

Embodying the real estate bubble since 1997.

Bluest County in a Red State.
Alayna: So how's A town?
Jose: Kickin
by Royola April 27, 2005
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Person 1: Where do you live?

Person 2: A town baby!
by Seawolves April 29, 2005
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SLang For the city of Armstrong, BC Canada
are u gunna hit up that party in A town
by Lyrical assasin May 31, 2005
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