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Located in northeast baltimore county, maryland, perry hall was founded in 1774 by this guy Henry Dorsey Gough who had a shitload of money. He purchased 1,000 acres north of present-day Belair Road and called it "the Adventure." But then it was renamed as Perry Hall, after a place in England, which is a good thing because the Adventure, MD sounds gay. So then Gough built Perry Hall Mansion, which still stands today off of Perry Hall Road. It's rumored to be "haunted" and anyone who has attempted to break in knows this. So Perry Hall used to be the farmlands of Baltimore County, and kind of still is, but now all these trashy people have decided to make Perry Hall their new trailor park. However, Perry Hall still exists today as a sweet ass town. Most of the kids there go to Perry Hall High, but a lot go to private schools in the city. A true Perry Haller is a member of Perry Hall Swim Club and hangs out at the Avenue or the mall on the weekends. If they're not doing that, they probably at some kid's house getting trashed. What can we say? That's how we roll.
P. Holla (Perry Hall) is where its at!
by a perry haller July 24, 2006
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A suburb of BalCo, Murrland (Baltimore County, Maryland) that was once a nice suburb to live in but now has been turned into a white trash dump.

Kids are total wiggers here and are set loose by their white trash parents to smoke weed, shoplift, and impregnate girls by the age of 13.
Perry Hall:
They drive "hooked up" Honda Civics.
They wear oversized white-tee's, saggy pants around their kness and white tennis shoes
They have no education
The girls are whores and have STDS's
The boys have the balls to talk shit but can't back it up and cower away from fights.
by BalCo September 03, 2006
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This used to be a place of prestege... People wanted to live here until they started shipping trash in from essex and the city... now its full of little white wanna be "gangstas" who think their hard core. They like to take their "bitch" to the mall or even high class the Avenue. If their lucky their mom will pick them up BEHIND Loews at 12...
we hardcore yo... we from Purry Hall... so close to the hood "G" its scury...
by Tiffany March 22, 2005
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A nice little town thats in baltimore MD. Until white trash, 13 year old whores, and wannabe gangs that think they're hard invaded. Usually perry hallers like to go to the mall and avenue during the weekends. They like going to the mall, to sit at a certain corner and gossip the whole night and they like scheduling fights there too. They like going to avenue and be totally obnoxious.
-Wanna be gangs throwing up gang signs, and making up stupid handshakes.

-Girl: oh yeah, i have sex with my boyfriend everyday 2 days, and i'm only 14! isnt that great?

-OMG, did you hear? That girl over there, got drunk at a party, and started having sex with every guy at the party.
-Yo, you wanna go to the avenue or the mall tonight? We could just sit at a corner and gossip all night man, just call people, we'll have a gossip party!
by PERRY HALL HATER November 21, 2009
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P Hall is where it's at....P hall kids beat towson kids any day!
P Hall....rep it hard
Alex and Alex rep P Hall hard
by Alex April 05, 2005
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Perry Hall is complete white trash.
All the kids there are wiggers.
They drive "hooked up" Neons.
They wear white tennis shoes.
They don't even know what a polo is.
The girls are skanky.
The boys have the balls to say shit but can't back it up worth anything.
by Towson April 12, 2005
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