A deliberate misspelling of the word what. It is used expression of disbelief, confusion, or sudden realization.
Person 1: Oh man, this movie is going to be great.

Person 2: No, it was canceled like two years ago.
Person 1: WAHT!?
by Savaril August 11, 2009
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(pron., adj., adv., conj., interj.) Deliberate (intended alterated meaning and/or connotation of the word) or accidental misspelling of the word "what". Other misspellings include, but are not limited to, carp, gamez, shyt, teh, warez and so forth
Waht are you talking about?

Why, how and waht is that so?
by Salomon May 02, 2004
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When you're spelling too fast on your phone and misspell the word "what" to "waht"
Friend: "Hey man waht r u doing?"
Other friend: "What*"
Friend: "stfu"
by WhyIsEveryNameTakenWtf September 03, 2019
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Unit of measurement for epicness (undefined amount)
I can't believe you would do that for me, like wahts even!
by PD965 July 12, 2021
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a way to say "what" that is a little more obnoxious and aggressive. It came about from Mr. Constantine who said, "where's the ruhm" instead of the normal word "rum." Some strange people found this to be hilarious and could not help but saying "waht?"
Alex: Hey man, I was wondering what your plans were for later. My parents are going to...
Evan: waht?!
by jennay726 March 10, 2011
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same meaning as "what" only with proper spelling w-a-h-t
waht is wrong with you Marvin
by hihellohihellohi February 02, 2018
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Waht me an action that can mean anything such as hit me up, pass me something or to get finessed.
1 Aye waht me when you get home
2 Yo can you waht me that pencil over there

3 Dang he stole yo girl he wahted that hoe
by bigboy93.93 November 26, 2019
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