The term can also be used to indicate extreme decisiveness or self-confidence. In this sense it is not antagonistic, but rather a way of injecting a greater sense of assertiveness and urgency into a statement.
Waiter: "What can I get you?"
You: "I'm gonna have the steak tartar and frites, thanks, bye'"
by Danann Hawes February 10, 2005
when someone tells you information that you really dont care about.
or when someone is giving you a big lecture when you do something bad and you reply with a K THANKS BYE
sam- "mark told me he is going to beat up jordan"
fred- K thnaks BYE!
teejaie- dude i just lipped off sam
dude- you really shouldent do that your going to make her hate you.
teejaie- k thanks bye..!!
by TEEJAIDS March 5, 2009
When you need to abruptly end a conversation and have simply had enough contact with other humans. It can be used to end a conversation at any point, and is especially useful if the person is repeating themselves.
John: so yeah Sandra was like totally into me and I was..
Me: ok thanks bye (OTB) (hangs up, gets up and leaves)
John:….totally into her.. hey Steve are you there / where are you going
by GoldCrack May 17, 2022