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When one smokes marijuana in the early evening, usually after dinner. It is a mellow and peaceful high.
"That was a good dinner, now it's time for some evening high"
by Carlos August 18, 2006
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"we were trying to cop us a cess sack."
--jurassic 5 "remember his name"
by Carlos March 22, 2003
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A type of firming cream to apply to a male penis to keep it erect for hours
I couldn't get it up last night so I rubbed a bit of courts on it
by Carlos October 21, 2001
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The art of spraeding one's wings and moaning with pleasure
My husband and I went home for a quick courts before we went out.
by Carlos October 21, 2001
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Retard, length sucking birthday party wendy house crashing gangbanger of 3 year olds
by Carlos December 20, 2004
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Good quality marijuana. Short for crippy. Used in Florida, especially Dade County.
Wassup dawg, I got that crip on compound, holla at ya boi.
by Carlos December 17, 2003
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A great cult movie. Those who like it, love it. A movie that brings viewers back to sone of the greatest times of their lives. The movie doesn't go anywhere and just kind of happens...but that's why it's genius. Matthew McConoughey's greatest performance.
I love high school girls....I get older but they keep staying the same age -Dazed and Confused
by Carlos June 17, 2006
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