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A serious, lovemaking act. After a session of passionate intercourse, the male partner kneels down on all fours. The female assumes a position behind the male as if going to eat his brown-starfish. The male then releases his flatulence (fart) in the females face, she then proceeds to eat the Dingleberry(s) off the male for sheer erotic enjoyment.
by Carlos December 7, 2003
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A strange Spanish man, whos a wannabe actor. AKA Alex, Jorge, and fag
Chipi u a Ho.
Chipi desrteed us East-Coasters and Went to tha West Side.
by Carlos February 17, 2005
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stutter; to mumble words cuz your scare or nerves
all da busters start 2 stutta when they talk to hopper.
by Carlos November 18, 2003
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You cant trust Spooky, he switches opinions more often than his underwear.
by Carlos November 17, 2003
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bone thugs n harmony is the hottest rap group in history
by Carlos May 9, 2003
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