58 definitions by Carlos

the second degree of a mark, which is a punk ass motherfunkin bizatch.
You used to be a mark, but now that you think your sister is hot, you are definitely a markoon.
by Carlos January 14, 2004
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Group of shithole children. March around the fuckin world talkin like they r sum intellects. The kind folks at nickelodeon fucked up jus as bad as spongebob. They struck rich off shit. A bunch of cracked out dickheads loved it. Well too bad it blows
ITs so bad it dsnt deserve an example
by Carlos September 25, 2004
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Where everyone is either from somewhere else or wants to be somewhere else.
My family has lived in Reisterstown for like a hundred years, but I'm still going to live in New York someday.
by Carlos May 07, 2005
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Oral sex performed on a woman
You better get down and give me the nappy head dugout if you want some of this ass!
by Carlos March 31, 2004
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a magical rock usually surrounded by a bag of cats, or Chevy Chase.
Will you accompany me on my search of the Pangezamy of South Mongolia?
by Carlos January 14, 2004
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using drugs smoking and and cant type well
Johnny:wee i perfin there mergic drogan
Johnny:yeah i remeber the hospital
by Carlos February 05, 2003
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