The only place in Reisterstown people who aren't from Reisterstown know about. Also the only place in Reisterstown where you can find something to do. People are there whenever it's open, most likely eating ice cream and doing nothing. If you go to the cow by yourself, you're lame. And if you don't go to the cow, you don't live in Reisterstown.
Person A- I went to the cow yesterday with some friends.
Person B- Sweet. I was going to get some people to go today.

Person A- Can I come?
by CelestiaLight February 15, 2010
A type of foreplay which has typically the male as the cow. It involves mooing which then proceeds to the cow taking a bite out of the females massive bush similar to a cow eating grass from the ground.
I want to spice up the bedroom. Let’s do the cow

Babe when’s the last time you shaved, I want to do the Cow .
by CaillousLeftNUT March 29, 2018
bad translation of a phrase in hebrew meaning "step by step"/ "slowly, slowly"
your class is about to take 5 really big tests, in order to pass them you'll have to do it cow cow.
by shaniki May 31, 2007
2.not able to learn because of his brian condition
Bush is a on-cow-cow fucka
by sonx May 4, 2005
British slang for an annoying, stupid and/or bitchy woman. Sounds funniest when spoken in a Glasgwegian accent.
Och, gonnae just shut it, ya cow!
by CowMcCowie October 2, 2007
Anything that is not a cow. It is sometimes used for tags when you can't think of anything else to put in. Also, It can be used for answering a question that you don't know the answer to.
1. TAGS: Carrot, pie, elf, lichen, omelette, Not a Cow

2. Manager: "So, Alex, what have you been working on?"
Alex: " Uh.... Not a Cow?"
Manager: "You're fired."
by Lilli the Excellence June 10, 2010
A wise creature that understands the three tenants for enlightenment: (1) know the moo; (2) feel the moo; (3) be the moo.
Guy: You're a cow.

Girl: Thanks. I know.
by Ereck Flowers November 8, 2018