A creepy, socially awkward male who dwells in internet cafe-type areas and plays Magick and World of Warcraft continuously with other dwellers. A Dweller is easily recognizable as lonely and desperate for female attention of any kind. They will hit on anything that comes within eyesight. Comparing girls to characters from their favorite anime is a popular pickup line.
Jill: Oh no, Barbara, that dweller is coming this way.
Barbara: What?! No! Hide!
by MommaSaidYouWasHitByATrain September 29, 2011
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A person or persons (dwellers) who dwells in a place continually, or always do the same thing, or goto the same places because:

1) They know that more dwellers will be there, and they won't be on their own.

2) They are scared to experiment, with new ideas, or visit new places.
Fuller:"Where are the dwellers?"
Kestrel:"In there room"
Fuller:"Ahhhhh, that makes sense"
Kestrel:"Why ?"
Fuller:"'Cos there dwellers!"

Kestrel being me and fuller being fuller.
by Kestrel November 16, 2004
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A truck driver who lives in his truck.

More specifically one who isn't as much concerned about the monetary rewards of driving as he / she is about living a Gypsy Trucker Lifestyle.

1: My God did you see that Swift driver, He almost hit my truck. And when he got out of his truck it looked like he hadn't had a shower in weeks. I swear he smelled bad enough to gag a maggot. Stupid DWELLERS!

2: I had a good deal going hauling widgets from Baltimore to Harrisburg, but then this f*cking dweller came along and undercut my rate by 60%. You know they just don't care about making money, all they care about is making enough to buy chicken lights (ornamental lighting) and chrome naked girls for their mud flaps. F*CKING DWELLER SCAB.
by Trucking for Money October 20, 2007
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One who is on a sports team but plays rarely, if at all. A bench dweller. When many play at once it can be described as dweller ball.
"yeah we're really crushing the other team"

dwellers, represent.
by an anonymous dweller October 20, 2005
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Bald pirate type guy. wheres an eyepatch and a huge wig.like animals alot.
haaar! leave the horse be my dweller
by venom December 21, 2003
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1. An individual, usually of the male sex, who likes to frequent institutions that deal in prostitution

2. A name given to creepy men who like to hit on underage females

3. An individual who has amassed a large quantity of STD's in their lifetime due to their sexual escapades
When I told Jessica of how the man hit on me, she warned me to stay away from him, fearing that he may be, in fact, a bordello dweller.
by JiggyWitchyPoo December 3, 2019
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An inhabitant or permanent resident of a room or group of rooms below the ground level and usually under a building often a relative or child turned adult that refuses to leave the parents home.
After seeing the empty pantry, refrigerator and the recent electric bill Dad turned to Mom and said, " This is outrageous, tell cellar-dweller he needs to get a job and pay room and board we cannot afford him anymore."
by jpg3 August 5, 2010
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