“Yo” is another form of saying “hi or hey” it’s another form of greeting
yooo wyd
by Ny_ny February 18, 2019
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Like "Yo" but carried along. Sounds like a jackass saying "you".
Chav: Hiya
Geo: Yoo!
by Mocky/Geo September 4, 2006
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Some fat kid with no balls and is Asian. He likes to hit children and is very abusive. He will not listen to you unless you hit him hard enough or grab him.
Jacob Yoo is a big bully and likes spooderman cum.
by SomeGuyWhoHasACanOfTuna April 9, 2019
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A form of greeting in West Cornwall, England. Used instead of any other common form of greeting (Hi, Hey, Wotcha, All right?) in places such as Causewayhead - the pedestriansed 'Main Street' of Penzance, the place where famous eco-protester Swampy used to busk between anti-road building gigs.

It is not clear if the word means 'you' (as in 'hello you') or even perhaps may derive from the Ancient Cornish word for Thursday (as in 'See ya Thursday')

Whatever the derivation (and this is not made up - honest), this is the ultimate example of modern Cornish - a term routinely used by surfy types, photopgraphers and djs who have all but replaced farmers and fishermen, me handsomes (now that's old Cornish)

PS Penzance is very 'urban'. Not a village no. Yoo!
"Yoo! boy"
by shackup August 3, 2009
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A cuter, more, popular, and computer-version-ish way of saying you.
Girl: *writes in notebook*I <3 yoo Chris!
by Iwuvyoo April 29, 2005
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a yoo poi is a beautiful human that you love and cherish
you are my lil yoo poi
by sana12 July 9, 2020
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