A clothing store owned by the GAP. Established in 1995. Usually know for their TV and radio spots that stay in your head until death.
Old Navy, Old Navy, Old Navy Performance Fleece. Old Navy, Old Navy Performance Fleece!
by DarkDan September 26, 2003
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A good store if you do not care too much about fasion but do not want to look like poor, white trash.

Also the only way to spend $10 on a shirt, without it having flames and dragons on it, i.e. Wal*Mart cloths.
I spent $60 at Old Navy and got all of my cloths for the next five years.
by Jack November 1, 2005
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A store where anyone can find affordable and fashionable clothes. They aren't super-high quality but they are an ideal place to shop if you have kids who will be outgrowing their clothes. More tasteful than Walmart and Kmart, comparable in price to Target- although if you watch Old Navy's endless clearances, you can get all kinds of pants, shirts, sandals etc, for less than $5, often less than $3! ( Nice stuff, too, not just weird stuff they couldn't sell or extreme sizes.)

I work there and I don't have kids but I always come home with a bagful of clearance stuff for my nieces and nephews. Right now, we have at least three packed-full racks of women's summer clothing for 0.97 cents, from sizes xsmall through xxlarge. That's cheaper than any thrift store around here! I've got size six capri pants for $1.97. Now tell me, how is that preppy?

Maybe the clothes lack orignality- well, it's a damn chain store people, what do you expect? All you people out there who try to be noncomformists...do you think YOU are being original by not comforming? hahaha... do you not even see that not comforming is it's own trend?
poser1: Old Navy is where all the rich preps get their 6.99 thermal hoodies.
poser2:Yeah, let's go to Hot Topic and get a thermal hoodie there. They're $17 at Hot Topic, but at least we'll be supporting er... Hot Topic... in the... uh...mall.
by Yanah November 1, 2006
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Company that makes SOME preppy clothes, but most (like fleeces) are very comfortable + normal. Clothes are cheap too.
Jim- Let's go to Old Navy and get some comfortable clothes!
Fred- OK, you go ahead. I'll stay here, 'cos guys should NEVER shop for clothes together. It's WRONG!!
by G April 2, 2005
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The only way to go when shopping for pants with many pockets.
I have a lot of crap to carry around when I travel, so I bought some Old Navy D-Ring Cargos, or whatever they're called.
by dj gs68 October 22, 2003
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A retail clothing store owned by Gap Inc. famous more for it's musical, trendy commercials then it's merchandise.
"Let's go to Old Navy and buy a tunic or some burmuda shorts!" or "Hey! It's that funny Old Navy commercial!"
by Brandy Sweater May 20, 2005
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The clothing brand that defines people, from white trash.
That guy over there has a mullet, and an old navy t-shirt.
by Justin Berns October 20, 2003
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