To steal. To rip off. To let a friend down.
"That guy just fleeced that guys jacket", "The bartender charged me $7.00 for that beer. What a fleece!", "Jobo didn't show up. He fleeced us again".
by King Vic September 24, 2014
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To be ripped off. To pay for something and get inferior or no product.
That geezer just fleeced me, this aint a real travelcard.
That machine just fleeced me for a quid, I selected a coke and it didn't come out.
by LBU November 8, 2003
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Those furry jackets. Similar to sweatshirts but with zippers and furriness.
by Andre January 8, 2004
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Cute; endearing - not sexual; describes a feeling, not as businessy as platonic marriages
by Flirtine December 4, 2010
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A substitute for the word “fuck”. Used in situations of anger, frustration, or just to let out emotion. Created by Bossman, Made popular by 77.
Fleece man, she dumped me.
by IcySavageFrm443 February 19, 2018
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Derived from the Playstation 2 game, God of War 2, it refers to the Golden Fleece from the story of Jason and the Argonauts. To fleece, is to, as in the game, reflect a person's own attack, strike, verbal assault, back at them.
A: "Damn did you hear how bad victor got dissed?"

B: "What argument were you listening to? Troy fleeced him pretty bad"
by Jurann August 28, 2009
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Being cheated out of belongings
I paid too much for the car. I got fleeced.
by James December 5, 2003
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