Type of art, Fasion shows creativity in a clothe form!
I want to be a fasiond deisner
by DisSoupLover September 1, 2017
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The sub-genre of Hard Core in which one listens for the fasion. Also known as poseur core
Jesus Christ! Look at the faggy fasion core kid!
by suckaduck November 15, 2003
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A psycological illness, related to Nudism, where a human does not see themselves as looking good in clothes to the point of not wearing clothes anymore.
Bob: "Hey did you see that guy running naked down the street?"

Jim: "Yeah, He has Fasion Anorexia."
by Corey Esquire Leonardo Smith I December 21, 2008
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When one smears waste on your partner’s face, in the shape of a beard. Then you put baby powder in your butthole, fart in their face. The baby powder then sticks to the waste and creates the appearance of a white beard.
Man, after he climaxed, he shit in my face and gave me an Old Fasioned Brownie Duster.
by Justhilarious November 8, 2018
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