Short pants that end just below the knee (once known as knickers before the British definition took over). Though formerly unisex, capris are now primarily female in association, and tend to look best on tall, big-boned white girls who are unusually bootylicious. Which is not to say other women can't wear them; it's just that particular lot who pull them off the best because designers tend not to otherwise cater to their body types.
You know, truth be told, up until about fifteen minutes I wouldn't have give her a second look, but damn, she's a Woman Who Looks Good In Capri Pants.
by August 24, 2007
Jesus wears Capri pants, Hawaiian shirts, and loafers with no socks, his beard is on fleek.
When used as an expletive , as in :
"Jesus Christ in Capri Pants, did you see that hipsters fanny pack?"
"Jesus Christ in Capri pants, Becky, look at her butt, it is so big!"

Can also be used as a handy hashtag... #JesusChristInCapriPants #fannypack #hipster #beckysbutt #lookatit
by socially awkward sally May 18, 2016