Typical protective fabric covering of the fashionably lazy, so named for the T-shape it has when laid flat. T-shirts may be short- or long-sleeved and often feature witty phrases emblazoned in a variety of interesting and hard-to-read fonts.
He wore a T-Shirt and jeans, neither the worse for being stored carefully on his bedroom floor.
by geekycat December 27, 2005
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The girl had on a wet t-shirt and all I could think about was what I would do after we got it off.
by dictionary April 9, 2003
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A slang word, meaning condom.
I need a t-shirt for protection.
by Tuxedo December 11, 2007
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T-Shirt as a verb. To t-shirt something is to like it so much that you would want to wear it on the front of a custom t-shirt. This can be an item, photo/image, or phrase/quote.
James: Did you hear about that politician from Chicago?

Amy: Yeah, I bet they'll t-shirt that guy someday.


He liked his cats so much that he'll be t-shirting their pictures tonight.
by M. Fox October 19, 2009
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Something UrbanDictionary.com is selling now to increase popularity amonst teenagers who see their friends wearing the said shirts.
Can these so called 'shirts' be aquired from out of America?
by B-Drac September 16, 2003
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Person: "I just bought a shirt in the shape of a T. I think it is a t shirt. What do you think?"
by Evil October 19, 2003
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