the most pointless thing ever, but you gotta wear them anyways. usually for protection from the cold weather but also to keep the creeps away from looking at you
Hey, put on some clothes before people stare at you like creeps.
by edgymofo December 12, 2021
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Gavin dry-humped Roberta on the bus. Since they both wore clothes, copulation was avoided.
by Killing Kittens November 4, 2006
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Pieces of fabric shaped and stitched so that they may be worn on the body. Are increasingly becoming a symbol of social status.
Many people are being classified based on what kind of clothes they wear. You've probably done it, too.
by Matt March 25, 2005
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Something that is made from almost any type of fabric and it worn on your body. Also used for some people to judge other people to make themselves feel better. (cause their stupid)
Girl: "Like OMG where did you get those clothes?!"
by Gemini18 December 28, 2007
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piece of fabric which traveled longer distances than you in your entire life
My clothes were made in Indonesia. They already traveled the world.
by sheeeeeeeesh April 14, 2019
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cloth put on one's body only when necissary
driving on the road is optional, like pants
by slab October 19, 2004
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