What multinational corporations use to try and get consumers to buy essentially the same product as the other corporations have but for more money
Kellogs Corn Flakes or Tescos cornflakes - they're both flakes of corn but one will cost twice the price - guess which one
by Evil Weebl March 31, 2004
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Brand is the "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers."
by goldenhammer1 January 12, 2013
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1. a form of "body art" in which hot metal is pressed to the skin to create a permanent scar in a shape of some kind

2. the way in which commercial entities (businesses/companies/retailers, etc...) tell people with too much money and too little intelligence what to buy with said money (for example, see Gucci).
1. Jake: Daaamn, what's that burn on your arm playa?
Roger: It's a brand. It means I'm tough, yo. Or something.

2. Jake: Damn girl, how much skrilla did you drop on that Dolce and Gabbana skirt?
Julie: $500
Jake: You know, I saw that in Target for $20, you dumb bastard. There are people that can't afford that much for rent. You stupid fuck-face.
by puma_blues March 29, 2004
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To make your mark on. When a guy brands a girl he is telling her he likes her or that he wants her. If a guy writes on you and then says he has branded you then you need to get with him if you want to or get away if you don't.
He branded me so we did the nasty.
by sieheiSt March 18, 2007
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initials written with liquid energy on an energy receiver
“Funny, that didn't feel like RB but I can see you are a master from what is left of your brand on the inside of my shirt.”
by Elric21 March 14, 2012
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The concept that each of us is a) a product, b) cattle, and c) share an equality of personhood with corporations and their merchandise.
The Citizens United court ruling says we're persons just like corporations; I am equal to Phillip Morris. If I have a personal "brand", does that, Ma Sistah, make me a Marlboro Man? Shut up, dude, I already got Virginia Slims tats on my sleeves. Now can we watch this re-run of Branded in peace?
by Deloslobos December 14, 2014
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Something characteristic for the personal image (your brand) you are trying to project. Usually used to say something is 'not on brand' for you.
Someone: You should totally just go for that lipstick!
You: Nah, red is so not on brand for me.
by Ambroos November 24, 2016
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