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one who indulges in bdsm cartoon fairy porn, loves 15 year olds, and would make a shitty lawyer.
'Cockle is hot tee hee' -JT
by G January 21, 2005
What one would say smoking herb in a circle when passing to your left.
Your Mom: Yo, pass that shit son.
Son: Here
by G June 27, 2003
One of the most exciting ice-hockey forwards to watch - Alexander Mogilny. This Siberian born sniper was one of the first Soviet ice-hockey players to defect to the NHL. He has won numerous awards, including Lady Byng Trophy (NHL 2002-2003 season, given to most 'gentlemany' player) and Best Forward in 1988 World Junior Hockey Championships. He defected with representatives of Buffalo Sabres NHL club after he and his Soviet team won the championship.

Played on one of the best lines ever in ice-hockey - with center Sergei Fedorov and winger Pavel Bure.

Played for Buffalo Sabres, Vancouver Canucks, New Jersey Devils and is currently playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Leading Toronto Maple Leafs scorer for the 2002-2003 season. Leading play-offs scorer for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Had 100% scoring percentage (3 shots on goal - 3 goals) in his first play-off game of the 2002-2003 season against Philadelphia Flyers.

Possesses a lethal combination of swift movies and marksmanship. Has a dangerous, and very precise wrist shot. Brilliant playmaker. Has the ability to take and make a pass from anywhere, at any time.
- Did you see the Sabres game last night?
- Yeah, Alexander The Great faked a wrap-around and scored the goal from behind the net by deflecting it off the goal-keeper!
by G February 13, 2004
The act of being stupid, careless or just plain idiotic. (b)moving slowly, as in tutor the turtle "help me mister wizard". (c)black cloud "whoa is me" syndrome.
You tharped up man! Stop acting all tharped up!
by G January 23, 2005
Derived from omdeed; a sarcastic agreement.
Person 1: "Man, wearing a tutu is so cool."
Person 2: "Armdeed.......freak...."
by G February 27, 2005
Verb, used to describe an individual that can't help by make bad jokes (usually a PUN).
Usually these PUNs are meant to be dumb, and quite often deliberately lame. A Punster favors bad play on word jokes but is not limited to play on word jokes. Lame humor (see anti joke and dad joke) would also fit the character of a Punster.
Punster: *walks on stage and points to (electronic) speaker* "Friends I'd like to introduce our guest speaker"
Audience: *fake laugh* "Get on with the demo"
Punster: *points to mic* "And his friend Mike"
Audience: *Booing noise* "Get of the stage Punster!"
Punster: *smirk* "Wow the 'feedback' here is terrible."
Audience: *Boo* "Get out!"
by G July 6, 2015