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The branch of many modern militaries, especially the United States military, that specializes in sea-based operations and has a wide jurisdiction over military command.
by Nicolaivich January 19, 2004
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The Navy is not gay. Army started this rumour because they always lose to Navy in the Army/Navy football game
Army guy #1: Wow Navy just kicked our asses

Army guy #2: Well the're gay

Army guy #3: Thats funny. Let's spread that
by GO NAVY!!! August 30, 2004
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Acronym for never again volenteer yourself.
they can make it harder but only you can make it longer.
by Bear July 29, 2003
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A branch of the military which is just as valuable as any other one.
Making fun of the Navy is a common pasttime of men with small penises.
by Ryan January 31, 2004
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An excellent branch of military that focusses on water-related operations often involving warships and submarines. Any large country with a water borderline MUST have a Navy and a Coast Guard. Some people make fun of the Navy, calling the Navy members gay. but these people are actually gay themselves and uncomfortable with their manhood in fear that these Navy guys are much stronger, tougher, smarter and more virile than them.
The British Royal Navy helped Britian conquer the world.

The Navy is full of smart, strong and brave men and women.
by Yusuf May 09, 2004
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