can be used anywhere in any sentence to show trust or bond with a person
want to come to the mall with me tunic?
by yckiv July 3, 2011
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When the flab of a fatty is excessive to the point where their hanging belly flesh covers their genitals in the same fashion as a common tunic gunt.
Even though she disrobed, I could not see her vag due to the everpresent flesh tunic.
by Doug Irvine June 20, 2006
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A meat tunic that's covered in boils, blisters, scabs, and rashes. Often found on the larger, unwashed lady.
The sight of her scarlet tunic made me spew, no way was I going down on her after seeing that
by lick-my-axe May 13, 2022
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The piece of clothing this girl with a big chin is always seen wearing. She has it on all the time and probably sleeps in it.

She is also a tiny cute girl.
*Pull up to icon*
Kid 1 "Yo that's the blue tunic girl!!!"

Kid 2 "AND shes wearing her blue tunic!"

by Icanteventhinkofaname April 1, 2007
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An article of clothing created when a frat bro or any gym-oriented young man rips the armpits of his tank a bit too much, therefore resulting in what is basically a sweaty double-sided cape.
Kyle: Yo, check out my new tank. It shows off my guns.
Mack: Bro, the chicks will love it. They can totes see your nips.
Kyle: Sick, man.
Carly: Nice douche tunic, asshole.
by ajaustinv February 22, 2013
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What you say to elf hero spammers when their ego reaches the sky in order to bring them back down without fuss.
Dude with ego "Noob, I am so awesome and that makes you noob, you noob."
Me: "Eat my tunic (emt)."
by [Tar]Shadow December 2, 2017
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When a man uses plastic wrap as a condom
"Hey did you hear Kari got pregnant?"
"nah why"
"apparently jack used the moroccan tunic and some leaked out"
by hahrri June 14, 2016
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