The cranial area of one's body.
I can't see the screen, there's ahead in my way.
by skakayla June 27, 2004
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When you don’t just go ahead with things that are important to you, you go one step further: you go aheader.
I go aheader to prove 1+1 is more than 2.
I go aheader to make tax more than just numbers.
I go aheader to make the digital world a safer space.
I go aheader to move digital transformation into the mainstream.
I go aheader to solve problems clients don’t even know they have.
I go aheader to secure my client’s cloud nine.
I go aheader to make audit more than just ticking the boxes.
by Trust to go aheader February 16, 2021
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If you have to ask, you're streets behind.
Pierce: Abed, your social skills aren't exactly streets ahead.
by Ellie Bocanegra May 14, 2010
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an annoying phrase bosses often use in attempt to soften a command to do something.
"Go ahead and take out the garbage, then when you come back in, go ahead and clean out the fryolator, then when you're done with that, go ahead and clean up the shit someone smeared on the wall in the bathroom."
by ducksRpeople2 September 16, 2011
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bro ahead (sometimes spelled bro-ahead)

pronunciation: (broh-uh-hed) IPA(ˈbɹoʊ əˌhɛd)

n. permission given by male friend to pursue a course of action, usu. involving romantic or sexual interest, that might conflict with the interests or sensibilities of said male friend due to familial ties or prior relationship with the person of interest

origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, May 2010

Bro 1-Think I’m gonna go talk to that girl at the bar again, man. She’s lookin’ good.
Bro 2-The one in blue? That’s Tracy. I met her last week at the barbecue, she’s really cool. And she’s single.
Bro 1-The one you talked to me about? Should I hold off? You met her first.
Bro 2-Nah, it’s cool, I’m not hittin’ that. You go on over there.
Bro 1-You sure?
Bro 2-Yeah, I’m giving you the bro ahead, you can tell her I said “hi”.


Bro 1-Dude, that chick at the bar is totally hot!
Bro 2-That’s Tim's sister, man.
Bro 1-Oh...
Bro 2-Yeah, “oh” is right. You better back off, cause you’re not getting the bro ahead on this one. Not after what happened with Tracy.
by TUNA the 3rd July 18, 2010
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