Something someone buys from someone to look like yet another zombie off another person's name brand.
I like Minecraft SOOO MUCH! I event bought all the merchandise for it!

I'm starting this new club, actually. We even have plans on creating merchandise for it!
by Smith dux Wurd June 18, 2017
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Hey Pete, wanna help move some boxes?

I can't, I'm merchandising.
by Apateonas June 27, 2017
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Any “juicy” parcels of real estate, usually on a female, but can refer to both genders.
Girl, protesting a guy’s trying to feel her up: “Hey! Who said you could sample The Merchandise?!???”
by QuacksO November 26, 2011
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A company based out of Pennsylvania which specializes in making custom one-inch pins for bands. AKA 384.
384 Merchandise makes my band's pins.
by Dr.Rob Jones April 12, 2008
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The act of masturbating in a grocery store while employing the merchandise to complete the act
"Clean up on aisle 3 in produce. Someone has been handling the merchandise and the avocados have been abused"
by von groovy September 15, 2019
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A catalog retailer well known for its unique ordering process.

When you walked in you were given a slip of paper for which you would write down the catalog number for the item you wanted to purchase. When you were done walking around and writing down the numbers of what you wanted to buy and were ready to checkout you gave the cashier the slip, which would go back to the stock room and shortly afterward, your items were rolled out on a conveyor belt from the back. Service Merchandise also had a variety of self-serve products.

Service Merchandise was well known for its jewelery and electronics.

The chain went bankrupt in 2002. After re-emerging as an online retailer for a brief time, the name disappeared again in 2007.
"I got my watch and my TV from Service Merchandise about 15 years ago"
by Jon Revelle April 3, 2008
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What you say then someone touches you aggressively or without consent. Not necessarily in a sexual manner.
Cop~Come on buddy *grabs arm* You're going to do some time.
Suspect~Hey watch the merchandise!
by Miss Potato Head September 12, 2010
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