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Originated on the snopes.com message board.
NFBSK! That post in the NFBSK forum in really NFBSKed up!
by DarkDan October 11, 2003
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Society for the Elimination of Public Transportation Altogether; the official name for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Public Transportation Authority for many Philadelphians.

Also see: INEPTA
SEPTA must pull random times for their schedules out of their ass; their buses or trains are always late.
by DarkDan November 12, 2007
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A supermarket chain in the middle-Atlantic states.
I work at ShopRite! Bokchoy is produce code 4545!
by DarkDan January 10, 2005
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Once a part of the world's history, these things have become obsolete due to cell phones. More and more are disapearing and soon we'll all die from radiation going through our ears due to cell phones and cell towers.

Pay phones in the United States are usually tall, glass boxes with a door and usually have a telephone book with it. The cost can vary.
My cell phone wasn't working and the town took away all the pay phones, so I was stuck in my car.
by DarkDan December 23, 2003
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A clothing store owned by the GAP. Established in 1995. Usually know for their TV and radio spots that stay in your head until death.
Old Navy, Old Navy, Old Navy Performance Fleece. Old Navy, Old Navy Performance Fleece!
by DarkDan September 26, 2003
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Phrase that pisses me off. Said by people who don't want to offend anyone of any religion or culture. People should just say "Merry Christmas", "Happy Hanukkah", and "Happy Kwanzaa" to the appropriate people.
Krusty (From The Simpsons): So have a merry Christmas, a Happy
Hanukkah, Kwazy Kwanzaa, a tip-top Tet, and a solemn & dignified Ramadan.
by DarkDan December 22, 2003
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The part of northern Tinton Falls, NJ that has streets named "Apple", "Peach", "Cherry", "Pear", and "Plum". Used mostly by the high school students in the town, it was once the part of the town with the most police activity.
by DarkDan September 24, 2003
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