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The year that Microsoft released its "Wonderful" new operating system! It featured several built in bugs, newer crash and error messages, and included the wonderful blue screen of death, Which happened to pop up on every windows machine, on average, about 3 times per hour, Depending on the task you are wanting to complete. Unfortunately, Windoze 98 was not too much better.
Everyone was like, "WINDOWS 95 IS COMING, WINDOWS 95 IS COMING" and when it finally shipped it was like, "WHAT....THE....FUCK"

Or, It could also be this:

HAHAHA, All those losers are having their shitty PC's crash while My Power Mac 7500 never crashes! (That was one of the Macs made in 1995)
by anapplemacphreak August 07, 2004
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The year of the pig. So anyone born in this year is addicted to sweets. <3 If you are born in this year you are most likely taken by a wonderful guy, if not, then oh well, you suck.
Guy: Hey dud I was born in 1995
Girl: SO was I!
Guy: ;)
by Fuck-a-doodle-doo July 12, 2009
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