The year that Microsoft released its "Wonderful" new operating system! It featured several built in bugs, newer crash and error messages, and included the wonderful blue screen of death, Which happened to pop up on every windows machine, on average, about 3 times per hour, Depending on the task you are wanting to complete. Unfortunately, Windoze 98 was not too much better.
Everyone was like, "WINDOWS 95 IS COMING, WINDOWS 95 IS COMING" and when it finally shipped it was like, "WHAT....THE....FUCK"

Or, It could also be this:

HAHAHA, All those losers are having their shitty PC's crash while My Power Mac 7500 never crashes! (That was one of the Macs made in 1995)
by anapplemacphreak August 7, 2004
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The year of the pig. So anyone born in this year is addicted to sweets. <3 If you are born in this year you are most likely taken by a wonderful guy, if not, then oh well, you suck.
Guy: Hey dud I was born in 1995
Girl: SO was I!
Guy: ;)
by Fuck-a-doodle-doo July 12, 2009
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The worst radar always on player known to man on
Gingey-_-1995 " Hello im good "

xCaMp-- " No ur not ur a randy BK"
by aAdasdasd July 17, 2010
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the most worst car ever made. A problem compounder. A vortex of nothingness where paychecks go, never to be deposited. I firmly believe GM made this car to fuck peoples lives up. Once one problem is fixed another rears it's head.
Me- Cool, got my 1995 Chevy Cavalier fixed, gonna drive to tahoe for the weekend! SHWEET! *sits in car, inserts and turns key*

*wheels fall off*
*hood flies off for no apparent reason*
*all glass breaks*
*Engine fire*
by bloody malith August 26, 2008
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A fictitious regulation supposedly making law enforecement officials unable to persecute you for your collection of pirated videos. Started by internet media 'traders' to protect themselves against being reported to officals, it is now a euphemisim for no one really caring enough about your stash of bootlegged movies to do anything about it.
As Quoted From An Actual Trader's site:
"If you enter this site with intention to use the information herein to prosecute any person affiliated with this site, you are violating Code 341.322.12 of the Internet Privacy Act of 1995 which stipulates that none may threaten my ISP or any other company hosting these pages."

Clueless Person: "Wait, I thought this movie wasn't out on DVD yet."
Trader: "No worries, I'm protected under the Internet Privacy Act of 1995."
by Oxymoronic Redundancy March 10, 2009
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The Super Mario 64: 1995 Prototype is a fictional prototype of the game for the Nintendo 64, named Super Mario 64.

Not much is known about this prototype, aside from the fact it was VERY experimental, testing out new AI that Nintendo got from another Japanese company, thatallowed the game to change itself to fit one's 'Cognitive Desires', which means this prototype is different on every cartridge. Deisgn wise, it didn't look like your happy-go-lucky Super Mario game. The player model was a low poly, featureless man. The castle itself was rather eerie, with few light sources, and the basement was an elaborate mess of hallways.

Testers were called in to experiment with the technology, and it was working fine, except from one odd observation. Prolonged exposure to the basement in the prototype casued severe migraines. One tester, when Nintendo checked in on them after leaving them overnight, they were found in a delusional state, mumbling to themselves, in which they had to be wheeled away to hospital.

New testers were warned to NOT go to the basement for whatever reason.

After new testers were developing stroke-like symptoms from overexposure, Nintendo stopped new testers coming in, and cut all cartridges with the personalised AI.

If you've ever played a friend's Super Mario 64 cartridge, and felt something was off, now you know why.
Person A: Ever heard of the Super Mario 64: 1995 Prototype?
Person B: ...No.
by MightyDM August 7, 2020
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