when a store puts a sale of clothing/things they want to get rid of.
“Wow, the clearance aisle goes down to $1.45! They really want to get rid of this stuff.”
by freaknap May 16, 2020
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The phenomenon that only extremely toned women have, where when their legs are together, there is a void below the muff and above where the inner thighs meet. This phenomenon can be visually confirmed when viewed at the appropriate angle.
Wow that woman has some serious clearance dude!
by Wayneman April 04, 2010
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To indent the rim of a can to improve flow quality, increase consumption rate and increase drinkability.
after a nice clearance i can really put 'em back
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Space needed in a shirt or other garment for bewbies - usually a concern for girls with implants or large natural breasts that are skinny everywhere else.
I don't think that shirt has enough bewbage clearance for me.
by MichelleW July 31, 2006
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how cool someone has to be in order to know something
"don't tell sam about the party; he doesn't have the right secoolity clearance"
by Jim Fitzgerald August 31, 2007
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The group of single folks, typically in their 30's, who go to singles groups or dating schemes for the purpose of trying to find men (or women). Since they've probably been dumped several times and are desperate to sell, they are known as the clearance rack.
Jamie goes to a bunch of speed-dating nights each week - she's definitely on the clearance rack.
by ninety September 19, 2007
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