When you are told to stay safe and to stay here. To not go anywhere at any time soon or possibly ever. To just stay put.

Similar to "I'll be right back," but you never left so you will still be there when or if anyone comes to find you.
"Stay here! Stay right-the-fuck here! Don't move! Do you understand!?"

I wanted to go party hardy, but I had way too many chores and homework to do, so I just told my friend I'll stay here instead.

1) "Stay here. I'll be right back."

2) "No you won't..."

::1) doesn't return. 2) never leaves::
by MrMathAllOfYous November 10, 2020
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Usually used when one wants someone to stay in a place but also wishes to convey how rediculous the notion of leaving is.
Person 1: Right, I have to go. I have work in the morning.

Person 2: Get out and stay here! Who cares about work?!
by Green_freak July 1, 2010
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A phrase, usually used at the beginning of a story or prior to the delivery of big news, that conveys a sense of excitement about what follows. Typically used to request undivided attention. Similar to "get this!" or "guess what?!"
Oh my goodness! Stay here! I just remembered what I was going to tell you about what happened to me!
by Cpt. Stay Here December 19, 2020
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