what rich people call being rich
(in british accent) we're not rich, we're just comfortable.
by double dickfart February 13, 2019
A girl who has let herself go. One who is either aging or has a boyfriend, who is starting to get fluffy around the waist.
Nico: Hey did you hear that Alicia got a boyfriend?

Mariann: Yeah, I can tell; she's getting comfortable.
by Mariann January 19, 2008
just write me
be yourself
and itll be fine
I'll be more comfortable in a private setting
And id love it to be regular
by Bad Translator February 28, 2021
when you get all cozy
“Man, I’m so comfortable right now I can just fall asleep
by heywhatshanging April 15, 2018
when your so comfortable everyone elses level of comfort seems inferior and futile
Mike-"Nick you always get the best sleeping spot"
Nick-"I know, I have comfortitis right now"
by kro43434343 January 3, 2009
A beautiful girl that tries her best to make people smile. She has a big heart and loves all. This girl is always there when you need someone to talk to. She's the type of girl that think nobody likes her but is loved by many.
We should kik comfort she is so nice.. I don't know why she thinks nobody likes her.
by usbskj July 10, 2014
To soothe with gentle actions such as:
Back rub, back pat, a hug, or a kiss
She broke down in tears and her guy-friend tried to comfort her by giving her a back rub
by iiCandy_Pop October 31, 2016