n.a sweater like shirt worn my males and females
"All I need is a thermal and a white tee"
by doobie-montague April 12, 2005
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adjective-----not being able to tell people within a four year younger range the truth fearing that they are too young and that you will corrupt them..hahhhahh
Andrea (15 year old): Wow...that college guy is so thermal...he wouldn't tell me what he did last because he thinks that I'm to naive to handle it.
by caroliiiiiii January 14, 2010
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Thermal can mean 3 different things. the first thing it can mean is to have intercourse with. The second is to Murder or Destroy severly. Lastly thermal means to get or be intoxicated
1.Sex-I'm going to thermal that girl I've been talking to lately

2.Murder or severly hurt-That guy has been pissing me off, he's gonna get Thermal'd

3.Intoxicate-Yesterday me and my best friend got completley Thermal'd at jake's party
by Chris Duran June 23, 2007
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A sentence in a video game called PAYDAY 2, if you don't pick up the thermal drill, Bain will say this sentence all the time until you pick it up.
Bain: Guys, the thermal drill, go get it!
Guy: Okay okay.
Bain: Guys, the thermal drill, go get it!
Guy: Okay!! I'm going for it!!
Bain: Guys, the thermal drill, go get it!
Guy: Oh will you shut up?!
Bain: Guys, the thermal drill, go get it!
Bain: Guys, the thermal drill, go get it!
*picks up the thermal drill*
Bain: Get that drill to the vault door!
Guy: I know what to do, cunt...
by Thatheistingguy420 September 19, 2015
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The sex act of penetrating a male (but not limited to females) with a strap-on covered in tabasco sauce.
I said "no way" when my girlfriend wanted to give me a thermal lance.
by Sneaky Horsey December 11, 2015
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a big hairy bush used to keep pussies warm in the cold winter months
Yo dude I was banging some chick last night and she had a thermal bush. That shit was thick!!!!
by chiggeronilishous December 14, 2010
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A warm moist vagina with larger than normal meat curtains as to wrap around your dick at night.
bob went to stay the night with sally and kept his unit warm with her thermal blankets IE as like pigs in a blanket.
by thermal slayer March 18, 2011
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