With glamour of its own and a Midwestern touch to it, Minneapolis is both vibrant and sophisticated. People from the neighboring states gravitate to the great varieties and resources it has to offer such as; employment, education, and entertainment. This is what makes Minneapolis a unique place to live, work and play. The city is not just diverse and welcoming but it’s a 390,000 melting pot of Scandinavians, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and recent immigrants such as Somalis and Hmong. It’s the fourth gayest city in America after San Francisco, Seattle and Atlanta. Some famous people from Minneapolis are rock star Prince Nelson, former comedian and Senator of Minnesota Al-Franken and former governor Jesse Ventura. One of the best places to experience this fusion of cultures is the Midtown Global Market. Mall of America which is located in Bloomington is just ten minute drive away from downtown Minneapolis. It’s one of the biggest malls in the nation. The Nickelodeon Universe is the nation’s largest indoor family theme park located inside the mall. Also it has an underwater aquarium, voted to have America’s largest underground aquarium and the nation’s best shark encounter. With all four major sports teams, Minneapolis has a good sports establishment. The Super Bowl XXVI, the 1994 NBA All Stars and the 1991 Baseball World Series events have all been held here in Minneapolis.
Although I wasn’t born in Minneapolis, I moved here in 1998, and ever since, I remained to be a loyal Minneapolitan
by 2live February 17, 2010
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Minneapolis is the cultural capital of Minnesota, if Minnesota can be considered to have culture; it is also the only bastion of civilization between Chicago and Seattle. Situated on the Mississippi, its downtown is roughly ten miles west of its smaller counterpart, St. Paul. Total population within the city limits is just under 400,000; there are some 3 million residents living in the greater Twin Cities region. Officially known as the "City of Lakes" (there are 22 within the borders of the city) it is also called the "Mini-Apple" by some residents to indicate a similarity (mostly imagined) to New York City. Still, Minneapolis is consistently ranked as the most literate city in the US, with a good school system (by big-city standards) and abounding cultural opportunities. Minneapolis also enjoys an impressive skyline for its size, though there is little coherence in terms of architectural style. Views of downtown are dominated by the IDS Center, Norwest Tower, and 225 South Sixth. The only other landmark of note is the Metrodome, home of the Twins and Vikings, known not only as a horrible eyesore but also as an awful venue; work is underway to build a new ballpark to be completed in 2009. Being as it is in Minnesota, Minneapolis is both very green (lots of vegetation) and very white (lots of caucasians), and it experiences weather at its most extreme. Winter lows can reach -40 and summer highs can peak above 100, with blizzards, thunderstorms, and tornadoes scattered throughout the year. Most residents are fiercely loyal to the city, but in general the city is also very welcoming of outsiders, perhaps due to the large population of transplants. Minneapolis' music scene is underrepresented nationally; due to the dominance of New York and LA in the business most of the best artists leave (e.g. Oddjobs). Overall, Minneapolis is much like any other large city: good people, good food, good and bad neighborhoods, crime, business, sports, and skyscrapers.
St. Paulite: I'm from the capital!
Minneapolitan: St. Paul is a suburb.
by Blah #5 June 05, 2005
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The largest city in Minnesota and home to the Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Twins, and Minnesota Timberwolves (the Minnesota Wild play in neighboring St. Paul.) Minneapolis has a reputation for terrible winter weather, but it's not too hard to get used to it. However, in the summer, the weather is absolutely beautiful- average high temperatures are usually around 80-85 degrees (note: it seems like every year there is a week where the temperature is about 95 degrees every day) and it doesn't rain too often.

Minneapolis has a good park system and is consistently ranked as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country. The public transportation system isn't that great; the bus system is decent and there is only one light-rail line and one commuter rail line going through the city at the moment, though more train lines are being planned. The city really isn't that ghetto compared to a lot of other big cities- parts of it, such as North Minneapolis, are fairly bad but the rest of the city is very safe for a city its size.
Minneapolis is the only big city that is covered in snow for 4 months each year and still has warmer summers than San Diego.
by Minnesoootan February 09, 2011
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Commercial and industrial hub for the upper midwest, contains the 8th Federal Reserve Bank. Known primarily in pop-culture for being seen in Fargo and the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Many claim it is an extremely dangerous city. Like all american cities, it is dangerous in some places, and clean and safe in others.
I saw a guy get shot outside of my house in Minneapolis. But thats because I live on 37th and Park.
by miracis June 02, 2007
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The act of kneeling on someone's neck for a long period of time until that person dies. Anyone can commit this action, but it's especially committed by racist folks.
That police officer truly Minneapolis'd on that woman after her 3-year-old daughter accidentally took a barbie doll from the toy store.

I'm not driving over the speed limit. I don't want to deal with some Officer Cartman beating my ass up whilst telling me to "respect his authoritah (sic)", or worse, giving me a Minneapolis on the side of the highway.

I dread to go back to Conroe or any Houston suburb. I'm afraid of an angry redneck or neo-Nazi randomly pulling a Minneapolis on me.
by OK Dodo May 29, 2020
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Minneapolis, Minnesota. A fairly large city built in a place where it can snow any month of the year except June, July and August and the temperature can reach as low as -40F/-40C during the Winter. The culture is a strange combination of liberal politics and relatively conservative family values. A strong sense of self-important nationalism is present in the local culture and many years ago the residents dubbed it the "Mini-apple" as though it is somehow a smaller version of the Big Apple, New York City.
I froze my ass off in Minneapolis while everyone kept telling me how great it was there.
by JS January 16, 2004
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