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Sunisa is a beautiful girl with a kind heart and is loved by mean people she is loyal, wierd, stubborn, and mean at times. She likes to have fun and she like to do strange things she has a short temper so might not want to mess with her when she’s mad. And by the way don’t get mad because she honest.
Hey you know Sunisa she so nice, but she be mean at the same time but you got to love her.
by Itsssss mee March 08, 2018
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A Sunisa Is A Girls Name (believe it or not!). The Meaning Of The Name Is Origin and Popularity. . You Usually See Them With Unique Style (Usually Colours And Skinny Jeans) And Head Banging Or Doing Something Rather Strange And Unique To The Human Eye. But Chugging is one of their favorite hobby when there is some booze left! When She Is Drunk (On 1 Can) She Is Either Dry-Humping Of Being Sick... Dang It! Anyway She Says She Won't Do That In The Future.
Hey Mel have you seen Sunisa?
Nah I think she is butt chugging some goon bag again!
by Burnsy6171 December 08, 2016
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