Since you painted your house electric pink it has become the eyesore of the neighbourhood.
by Ken November 29, 2002
Something holding qualities similar to those of an eyesore can be described as eyesoric. These may include a 60's designed multi story car park, city central tower block accomodation or Blackburn
Those buildings are soooo eysoric.

I love your eyesoric bird mate. (Insulting sarcasm)
by MancGayBoys March 6, 2005
What you would call a couple whose being too lovey-dovey in front of singles.
Can those two just shut up and stop flirting with eachother? They're an eyesore for singles!
by ~HumanonlySee4gbRam September 22, 2017
A woman who is beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside
ralph: Do you know what a spiritual eyesore is?
ned: Do I? Shit! I'm married to one, buddy. Hello?
fiona: Hey! I heard that, motherfucker!
ned: Oops! Sorry, dear!
by thurbsy January 1, 2021
Eyesex is when you get a girl to takeout her glass eye before sex entry, but eyesore of eyesex is the black and blue around the eyes and nose from my balls banging on her face.
Girl One: Do you smell burning rubber?
Answer: Yeah, that's me you are gonna have eyesore of eyesex from that smell.
by midikurlips April 29, 2019