Used in place of "I am going to..." Technically should be spelled i'mma but since this is a shortened version, we leave out the apostrophe!
Ricky said, "Imma get myself a power drink and a snack, and I'll be right back."
by Valerie0214 August 21, 2006
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1) A shortened form of "I'm going to"

2) A shortened form of "I am a"
Business Man: Imma make you big, kid!

Plumber: But, Imma plumber!
by Alexander Pritchard January 3, 2008
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Equivalent to "I'm gonna". Used as a shorter form to shortcut the unnecessary keystrokes made when typing out "I'm gonna".
wiCkEd eEv: grrr
B4ST4RD Z3RO: hehe
wiCkEd eEv: im glad i look young tho
B4ST4RD Z3RO: lol
wiCkEd eEv: ppl still think imma teenager...yay!
B4ST4RD Z3RO: hehe
B4ST4RD Z3RO: thats always good for women
by wiCkEd eEv December 1, 2002
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Wow, just wow. The way illiterate dumbasses, people in a hurry, or children (which really fall in to both categories) say one or a few of the following...
*I am
*I am a(n)
*I will

The way, usualy in text form, people write one of the above.
Max: What are you sposed to be?
Tina: Imma race car driver. Cuz I loves me some NASCAR.

Max: What are you going to do until your mother gets home?
Tina: Imma wait.

Max: What do you think you are doing with all of that money?
Tina: imma gonna spend it
by Quocalimar December 5, 2011
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Imma is used by Seventee's member Xu Minghao. You use it when you are disapointed or angry to someone. Imma means dude but in a stronger way.
DN: Hyung,, I may have spilled my juice.. It's all on the bed..

Can be also used

"Where the heck is that imma going"
"Hey I called u 3 times already imma, better answer now''
by YOU-STAN-THE8 October 18, 2017
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when someone is too lazy to say “im going to”/when someone is trying to act all cool lol
Imma go to the mall because I need stuff
by iknowtheway March 12, 2018
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A combination of the words "I'm" and "A". Sometimes pronounced "umma" or "amma".
"If you chage the channel one more time, Imma beat your ass!"
by goldtoofblingbling November 7, 2004
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