the year that popular rock music started going down hill.

now we are left with nothing but absolute garbage repeating itself day after day on commercial rock radio.

we now have no choice but to look at the indie scene because rock has become so cliche and formulaic. nobody writes classics anymore. and record company executives don't take risks in signing talented original bands.
popular rock music died in 1998.

1998 is the year that i shut my radio off for good.

thank dog for the internet, or else we would have to go 1998.
by CurvedMirror July 20, 2008
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Shaun is a 1998 Volkswagen

Because he is a cheap shit, he’s really slow when he walks

And he likes to say no you
Shaun is as slow as a 1998 Volkswagen
by Hyundai™ June 22, 2020
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Blade is a 1998 American vampire-superhero action film starring Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson and Stephen Dorff, and is loosely based on the Marvel Comics character Blade. Snipes plays Blade, a human-vampire hybrid who protects humans from vampires.

The film was directed by Stephen Norrington and written by David S. Goyer. Despite mixed reviews, Blade grossed $70 million at the U.S. box office, and $131.2 million worldwide. It was followed by two sequels, Blade II and Blade: Trinity.

Facts about Blade (1998)

1. Wesley Snipes became attached to the project because he was in discussions with Marvel Comics to be Black Panther, a project that is still pending as of 2005.

2. Jet Li was offered the role to play Deacon Frost, but opted to do Lethal Weapon 4 instead.

3. LL Cool J was originally considered for the part of Blade.

4. When David S. Goyer first pitched the idea of doing a Blade movie, the executives of New Line felt there were only three actors who could possible do the role: Wesley Snipes, Denzel Washington and Laurence Fishburne, but in Goyer's mind, Snipes was always the perfect choice for the character of Blade.

5. Kris Kristofferson's character Whistler was created for Blade's cameo on the Spider-Man: The Animated Series cartoon show. He was liked so much by Marvel CEOs that he was adopted into the Marvel Universe.
Despite the fact that the Marvel character, Blade, was essentially unknown to the general public (at the time), this factor did not stop the film from being successful.Blade (1998) is seen as having been one of the better comic book movies of its time and started the trend for much more of these films:

1. Blade was one of the first successful comic book based films to be released after the disastrous performance of Batman & Robin and Steel. Its success, along with the even bigger success of the earlier Men in Black, convinced Marvel to develop the X-Men film series as well as the Spider-Man film series.

2. IGN ranked Blade as the 63rd greatest comic character stating that Blade is the most iconic hero to spring from the period of monster-themed stories. UGO Networks placed Blade as one of the top heroes of entertainment quoting that "Blade has to get props for being the most obscure Marvel character to ever get a film deal... and television deal, too!"

Source: / Wikipedia
by The Centurion August 31, 2012
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Acoording to Spamming monkey et al, this is the real godzilla or something. Hail Emmerich LOL, Great iguana movie. gives Iguanas equal rights and hsows that iguanas can do anything if they just try. live up to the iguana dream, not the american dream. Desgins of G98 are called Zilla after 2004, anything before is Godzilla still
Weeboo: Oh my god, how dare you like godzilla 1998, you are worse than hitler
Casual Fan: Wha?
by greyideas get edgy November 5, 2020
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A cool google hack that makes google go back in time. You should really try this if you haven't already.
i googled "google in 1998" and google went back in time! it was cool!
by MyCatHasAJob May 14, 2020
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When you tried to watch pirated Marvel's The Avengers movies but instead old shitty movies.
The Avengers 1998? It should be released in 2012, isn't it?
by itsr33v May 11, 2018
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godzilla 1998 is just another term for a piece of shit
She's a godzilla 1998
by Capt cheeze dick March 21, 2017
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