Supposedly a bank started in 1913 by the USA govt for the people - this is a myth.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a privately owned and controlled organisation that now has to continuously print more and more money in order to devalue the dollar in order to cover the cost of printing and distributing that dollar in the first place.

These "BANKSTERS" then loan the money they make back to the American people + interest in order for Bush to finance WAR ON TERROR.
It is estimated that around 30% of the average americans wages is taken out of their pay check every year to pay the IRS for taxes that go to pay "interest" on the national defecit owed to the Federal Reserve Bank, none of this money goes towards schools, hospitals, or infrastructure.

There is no law that actually enforces you to pay this tax, everyone just pays it because they think they have to.
by Jasminenz April 5, 2008
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(ECONOMICS) Any of the 12 constituent district banks of the Federal Reserve System. Federal Reserve Banks may be referred to either by the number of the district they serve (e.g., 12th FRB) or by the city in which they are headquartered (e.g., FRB of San Francisco).

Representatives of the FRB's are eligible to serve on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the committee that actually administers monetary policy through sales or purchases of treasury securities.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York (2nd FRB) is by far the most important of the 12 district banks. Each bank holding company is likely to have a subsidiary in NYC, and the 2nd District is uniquely guaranteed a seat on the FOMC. The other 11 rotate, with 4 taking a year-long turn at the FOMC at any given time.
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has historically supplied the secretaries of the Treasury or else the chairmen of the Federal Reserve Board.
by Abu Yahya May 5, 2010
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(US ECONOMY) One of the 12 district Federal Reserve Banks. Based in New York (2nd FR district). Along with members of the Federal Reserve Board, enjoys a permanent seat on the FOMC (other district banks only get to rotate).

Main job is to regulate banks and administer monetary policy through open market operations. Former New York Fed president Tim Geithner is now Secretary of the US Treasury Department (as of early 2009).
Prior to 1928, the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was the de facto leader of the entire system. This was because of the powerful personality and connections of Benjamin Strong, a former J.P. Morgan partner.
by Abu Yahya September 10, 2010
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