A place in Minnesota cursed by the immigration of poor, dirty foreigners. There are shootings daily, and if you are live there, you know why you don't yell 'west' on the east side or 'east' on the west side.
Dude, he's from St. Paul, don't mess with him.
by The Friendly Nazi June 3, 2014
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A stupid town in Oregon, that is really small, and promotes being a dumb hick and shooting mallards. Only known for the Nations Greatest Forth of July Rodeo! Also filled with rednecks that try to make up dumb words that make no sense.
Wow dont every go to St. Paul. Did you hear about all the dumbasses in St. Paul. That town call St. Paul is really small!
by Where it is! December 25, 2008
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Capital of the great state of Minnesota. 1/2 of the twin cities.
St. Paul is a big place and a lot safer than places like Chicago and Detriot which are filled with Chinese gangs who wait to steal your credit cards and other things.
by Eric December 31, 2005
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mom sent me to St Paul because she hates me.
by JJ Caez August 6, 2006
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a school...
-where you have to have more than a 2nd grade education to get into the upper school (BL)
-where every single person is not in frotch heaven when they get to school (Loyola)
-where the required courses are not how to plow, how to ride a horse, and how to not know any girls outside of your school (McDonogh)
-where we hit puberty before we turn 20 (Friends)
-where people know where the hell our school is (Spalding, John Carroll)
-where youre not white trash if you go to school there (Curley, St. Joe)

-"St. pauls is not a gay school biatch
by ignwguw October 9, 2005
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The poorest school in the state of michigan. Home of Petefile Teacher. Those who went through middle school there know who that is.
St Paul is still paying for a cheap ass gym yhey built 6 years ago.
by Matizzle August 25, 2006
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