Where Prince used to live. He can't even stand it there anymore since it's become the so-called "cultural capital" of the Great Midwest. Snooty and white, half the population likes to think that it is of Scandinavian heritage and likes to speak in faux "Minnesota Accents." Used to call itself "The Minneapple" as if it were even remotely on the same scale as NYC. Traffic jams galore, high taxes, losing sports teams, Minneapolis has nothing to offer. St. Paul, although plagued with its own problems, is still a more down to earth and better place to live and work.
This place sucks. I'm moving back to Iowa
by Cheddarhead July 06, 2005
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Ghetto as hell...that all i gatta say..'GHETTO'
Britney Thinks she ghetto cuz she lived in minneapolis since she was two!

Someone Bitchin out britney about being ghetto: Dont try and act like your all Ghetto!

Britney: I AM GHETTO! i lived in minneapolis!
by Shay March 16, 2005
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The coldest city in America. The city touts it's literacy rate, healthy population, low crime, high culture and numerous parks in a desperate attempt to lure residents to the frigid metro. The nickname "Mini Apple" is an even less subtle effort to bring oblivious New Yorkers to the region. The city bears a strong resemblance to Kansas city, Omaha, Des Moines and suburban Chicago, and thus is of little interest.
Polar bear- "It's so cold!"

Penguin- "Not as bad as Minneapolis."
by minneapolitan November 10, 2010
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1. a dumb city in a dumb state that nobady cares about.
2. a place that people think is ghetto cuz they might see black people walking around.
3. a city with no nightlife with the exception of a few bars full of 19 yo skanks
4. worse than chicago by far, detroit, st louis, millwaukee and every other city in the midwest.
5. a downtown with two important aves hennepin and first, everything else is dead.
6. about 75% of the city is actually suburban.
7. The coldest metro area in the continental us, by mean temperature
8. cops are nice compared to other cities (NYPD, LAPD)
9. people drive like idiots and gridlock
10. so cold and snowy that they made skyways to walk around
11. terrible public transportation one train that goes to the mall and back
12. residents who think they live in the best city ever and walk around with 612 hats
13. Once you leave the outskirts of the city all of a sudden you are in the middle of nowhere for the next million miles
MN person: Minneapolis is the shit!!!!
Me: yea cuz u grew up on a farm u fool.

MN: MPLS is much better than detroit or chicago!
me: have you ever left this worthless state?
by AlexAitch October 29, 2007
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Date rape capitol of the US. Do not go out without friends. Do not let anyone buy you a drink.
I went to Minneapolis a year ago for a weekend. I went out and got drunk. Woke up in my hotel room the next morning. Dont remember anything after i met this guy and all his friends. My ass was sore for a week. Finally a year later some of the events from that evening are coming back to me.
by scaredofminnesota January 20, 2012
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the only sort of cool place in the shit state of Minnesota
Man I can't wait to move it of Kato and get to Minneapolis
by waterbeddealer October 09, 2016
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