This is the police code for "being" drunk. 502 is the Code for Driving drunk. Same thing but depends on what you're doing. May 2th still stands as Drunk Day, no matter what though.
1: Look he's pulling a 502!
2: No, stupid, he's not driving. That's a 390!
by Raven August 4, 2004
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Ford Big Block. Simply one of the best engines EVER made. It was put in cars and trucks from the late 50s to early 70s. Some other members of the FE family are the 352 406 428 and the most revered 427 side oiler.
My 390 put up with 2 years of nothing but shit and she stills purrs like a champ.
by GalaxieWarrior September 27, 2005
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Ms 390 is a stupid school in the Bronx. Ms 390 teachers are always on students dicks. You can get in trouble for no reason.
Person 1: have you heard of ms 390
Person 2: yea i am never going there
by Amy much December 10, 2019
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When you take a girl to the left field wall in a baseball stadium and you fuck her at the wall at 390 feet
Have you done 390 sex wall with your girl yet ?
by Mhs_pitcher April 2, 2017
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