The largest city in Minnesota which has been historically distinguished by its three districts: North Minneapolis, Downtown, and areas which are not North Minneapolis or downtown.

Minneapolis has a very diversified population consisting of Hmong, Somalians, and Scandinavians. While the city looks nice, it is countered by our high crime rates, making us the 15th most dangerous state in the nation.

Minneapolis has a record of being a historically liberal city, though prides itself on being open to other options (hence, the election of Jesse Ventura). It has a very large GLBT community which is supplemented by the extensive local art.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm from Minneapolis?
Guy 2: Me too! Where at?
Guy 1: Not north.
Guy 2: I live there too!
by expiredspork September 01, 2008
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Screw anybody who knocks Minneapolis. As far as it being "ghetto", there is alot of truth to that claim. It really depends on where you go in the city though, and if you have only visited for a little while then youve probly never been to the bad areas. Yes, for a big city MPLS is rather white. Its about 67% white, 17% black, 11% hispanic, 6% asian and the rest Native or mixed race. However go to North MPLS And its about 90% black. Other posters on here claim MPLS is nothin but white boy posers who think their city is ghetto.. Yea maybe around the rich lakes area, but walk down the street in ANY area of the Northside or in the Phillips neighborhood on the Southside and you'll see whats up. Drug dealers are on almost every corner, gunshots are NOT uncommon to hear day or night. Summertime is much worse but people dont care what time of year it is in the hood. In the summer of 1995 Minneapolis earned the rep "Murderapolis" this was because in the summer of 95 MPLS HAD THE HIGHEST MURDER RATE OF ANY BIG CITY IN THE COUNTRY!!! Its not nearly as bad now as it was back then, but the same things go on in the hood. I remember being in a kind of decent area on the Southside a few years back sitting in my car at a gas station. A group of about ten young black kids run up to me. The leader of the pack, who was probly no older than 10, had a wad of 20's in his hand. He says to me "ya'll got a dub ya'll got a dub?" Of course what he meant was $20 worth of weed. I declined and they went away. Or how about the time I was on a ride along with the police on the Northside for about 6 hours on a sunday in October. During that 6 hours there were from what I remember AT LEAST 7 "shots fired" calls over the radio. Thats on a lazy Sunday night!!!! MPLS is no Gary, no Baltimore, no Detroit. But for its size MPLS is dangerous and shouldnt be confused with that "Minnesota nice" bullshit... Look up the facts, then call my city soft, you out of town pussies.
by Gmoneyz August 02, 2008
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The greatest city on earth. We're kinda the West, we're kinda the North, but we're more MidWest. The women are hot, the people are nice, the food is good, and sometimes the (not usually) Vikings and Twins kick ass. Yeah we're not as famous as Chicago or Detroit, we're one of the most dangerous cities in America, and yeah, you most definetly will not see celebrities on a day to day basis but we are still the shit. And we're still better than like: Colombus, Ohio.
Minneapolis person: Sup homie! Howya doin! Want a beer? Want some money? Its all guud!

Colombus person: You're not as good as Detroit, you're a wannabe!

Minneapolis person: Bitch ass! what the fuck you say bitch? Huh you little fuck? Me and my bitches gonna come fuck you up bitch? We gonna burn down yo stupid ass city dibshit. Then we're gonna go with our lady friends cuz we're from Minneapolis.
by ThaPrinceOfPersia June 14, 2011
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A City of Somalians, delicious foods and good people, M-Polis is not boring place, but and good place 2 live.
Farah is Minneapolis
by Tomericson March 21, 2007
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15th most dangerous city in the United States. Minneapolis is the county seat of Hennepin County, Minnesota. Minneapolis takes its name from minne, the Dakota word for water, and polis, the Greek word for city. This and the nickname "City of Lakes." The official population of the city is somewhere around 400,000 but if you count Minneapolis and St. Paul together it would be one of the biggest cities in the country. St. Paul is more residential but has a large asian population. Minneapolis has everything: asians, native africans, middle easterners, native americans, hispanics and of course african americans. if you visit i would advise you not to walk the North Side of town without a gun especially if you're white or you're bound to get your ass layed the fuck out by a thug slangin' that crack rock on the corner of washington and harlem. We ain't the 15th most dangrous city in the country fo' nothing nigga
i was walking home from the vikings game when i got caught in gang crossfire.
by nasir April 24, 2005
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A very nondescript town in the state of Minnesota. Minneapolis isn't a city. It's an old, mostly run-down suburb of a tiny "downtown" area that's almost a parody of itself. Minneapolis is not on anyone's map outside of MN and that bothers the hell out of almost everyone that lives in Minneapolis. Minneapolis residents have a severe inferiority complex about their little town. They want so bad to be seen in the nation's eye as being on the level of LA, SF, NY, etc and refuse to accept that they live in flyover country. But that's all Minneapolis is. Flyover country.
Brad: Hey look honey, two gay guys are moving in next door. We SO live in a hip, vibrant city! Minneapolis rocks! It's just like NYC!

Tina: Yes dear, whatever you say.
(goes into the next room and gets on the phone with sister from Arizona)

Tina: Beth? Can I come live with you? Minneapolis sucks!

Beth: Tina? Why are you whispering?

Tina: Brad's on one of his "Minneapolis is such a city" kicks and I just can't take it anymore!
by YuckySpot October 01, 2013
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A place where you can re-create yourself and make a better life. But watch out for the cops, they don't play! The laws are strict and they could care less, and there are a lot of pedophiles but they are primarily in the suburbs or St.paul where the Nazis live. The gangs are not as bad as people think, just stay out of their way and you won't get blasted foo! Too may Somalis and Ethiopians tho that have driving privileges. cars aren't camels!
Minneapolis got some fine ass women, but watch out for the foreigners, anyone can get a drivers license there! I love this city!
by malcolntent June 28, 2007
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