In basketball when a shot is rejected, a commentator or the player himself will say 'not in my house'.
Dude, after Mutombo blocked that shot he waved his finger and said 'not in my house!'.
by SirMozman January 24, 2008
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To say one is dominant at an activity due to greater experience and/or being more intimate with the surroundings.
I was playing paintball with Jimmy when he came to visit from Canada. He was getting mad because I was winning and I just told him "This is my house!"
by Tracaine2008 August 26, 2008
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A game played at any party where the goal is to destroy the home without the people of the home knowing, usually followed up with yelling not my house after you break something.
guy 1: "dude this rage is lame wanna play not my house?"

guy 2: " im two step ahead of you, i put cat litter in the back of thier toilet."

guy 3: "dude me too, i pissed in their box of cheerios."
by turbo wurbo April 3, 2010
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A state of mind in gaming where you are completely one (or "at home") with the controller and any opponent is just another frag on your score.
Just as a man's home is his castle, you pwn that virtual realm.
-j0k3r hits a 6-kill streak in CoD:MW2-

j0k3r: Whose house bitches? MY House!!!
by mattfr34k June 2, 2010
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A game you can play at a party at someone else's where following every thing bellonging to that person you say "Not in my house."
1. "SMASH...'Not My House!"
2. The other day there was a kickback at sarah's house so I played a little game of Not In My House
by The 4th Horseman July 15, 2008
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When you are triumphant over a friend or foe. And continue to win, this one collection of quotes from NBA player, Dikembe Mutombo's Geico commercial will be the ultimate taunt. Simply say

"Not in my house"

"Not today ho ho ho"

"No no no"

And wag your index finger whilst shaking your head. Now watch your enemies crumble before you or stare in disbelief at what just occured.
Child: *Attempts to throw cereal box into shopping cart*

Dikembe Mutombo: *Swats the box out of the air* Not in my house

*Flees the scene*
by Datassafras November 18, 2019
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