Something Allen doesn’t do.
“Did anyone get shot last night?”
“Not Allen.”
by Hogtrude Parker June 7, 2021
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another way of saying "to get high"...smoking some dank ass chronic.
dude, wanna ditch 4th today and get shot?
Fuck, i wanna get shot.
by MoliviaJormany May 18, 2007
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a term one will say when hoping an enemy will recieve a bullet in their FACE.
get shot loser, you don't deserve your life like louis.
by =) September 30, 2003
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To lose something/someone. Like 'to get rid of'.
You're not gonna get shot of me if I can help it, I'm gonna be here for you.
by VenomX April 16, 2010
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you get shot is the result of wearing the wrong clothes in the wrong place.
"you get shot wearing that in my hood."
by MeatwadATHF August 27, 2006
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Originally a great line from Pulp Fiction when Mia OD's on Vince's smack, now a rallying cry for the Center for Disease Control.
You really want to save humanity? Get the shot!
by stuartc1 January 13, 2022
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What a cop is if you take away his gun and his badge.
"Without a gun and a badge, what do you got? A sucka in a uniform waiting to get shot." -Eazy-E (N.W.A. - "Fuck Tha Police")
by Nick D January 28, 2004
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