im guessing about...maybe 98% of the world population? maybe just america...
by cherrypopscle007 August 15, 2003
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1.) a person who practices masturbation on a regular basis.
2.) One who regularlly excites one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or means other than sexual intercourse.
Uncle Fucker, the masturbator from Decatur, masturbates every day when he sees Kelly Ripa on TV.
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Someone who is an excellent bait user when fishing. These people enjoy a simple life and usually do not like inappropriate online content.
Person1: Hey, did you see the latest video on Pornhub?
Person2: Eww, no way, I'm a masturbator
Person1: Oh, so do you like fishing?
Person2: nO, i'M a MaStUrBaToR tHaT dOeSn'T lIkE fIsHiNg. Yes I love fishing!
Person3: Hey guys, what's going on?
Person1: Shut the fuck up!
Person2: Yea, nobody likes you!
by Staac October 11, 2019
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To stimulate the genitals for a jolt of pleasure (orgasm).
John wanted to masturbate, so he clicked on the computer in the darkly lit room. He typed “porn hub” into the search bar and took off his jeans. He quickly took off his boxers and let his dick feel the fresh air. He clicked the most popular result and started watching the porn.
He felt his dick harden when he got to the sex. He felt aroused, so he started to wank. It filled him up with pleasure. The head of his dick became covered with precum and he started wanking faster. It felt so good to him. He started to stroke it and rub it. His penis was dripping with precum.

He felt his dick become heavy and the head full. The threesome on the screen were arousing John even more. John let out a deep moan of pleasure and a hot stream of jizz sprayed out of his member. Semen covered his lap, as his dick bobbled around to let out a few more spurts of cum. He kept wanking, then his door opened. John was so scared, he almost ripped his dick off.
His dick layed flaccid across his naked legs, then he walked to the bathroom, his legs coated with semen.
by Well, shit. December 21, 2017
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playing with your nether regions

One Saturday, for whatever reason, I was SUPER horny but i'm single af. My roommate was on a business trip in Nevada, so i had the house to myself. Of course, I pulled up "Netflix" and decided to lose my v-card to a dildo I found in the shower. I stuck the dildo to the bathroom tile, ripped off my shirt and bra, undid my booty shorts, and started playing with myself. i groped at my crotch, pinching and massaging my clit, moaning in ecstasy as I sucked on my triple-d tits. I grabbed my roommate's toothbrush and stuck it up my ass, screaming in delight loud enough for the entire block to hear.
I bounced and twisted my tits until I had leaked about a half cup of milk, and then I rubbed my saliva all over the dildo and gently started bouncing on it, screaming as my tits bounced and the dildo took my v-card. As soon as i got it all in me, I started pumping it fiercely, pinching my nipples and moaning as I pounded my throbbing pussy on that huge fake cock. Right as I cummed, my roommate walked in, wearing the tiniest thong and no bra. She looked at me with that wild vigor in her eyes, and I screamed "GET OVER HERE AND GET IN ME". She walked over, lifted me off of the dildo, sat me on the floor, and frenched me to Paris and back. I licked and bounced and twisted her tits until her nipples were rock hard, and she whispered in my ear "Your turn sweetie pie" with a seductive smile. She threw me against the wall and fisted my pussy, and i screamed for mercy. I grabbed the dildo, shoving it into her pink pussy with no warning, and she immediately collapsed on the floor, writhing in pleasure, her fist still in my pussy as we fell into a heap of tits, pussy, and cum. I said, "PLEASE tell me you have more sex toys", and she answered "No, but please tell me that's not MY toothbrush protruding from that fine ass of yours."

sorry about that, i tried to write about masturbation but it turned into a hot lesbian sex story ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by pssylicker December 28, 2020
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