when your homie kisses you goodnight and you succ his schmeat as an act of kindness
Yo, lemme succ your schmeat
ayt first lemme kiss you good night
I succed my homie's schmeat las night
by My homie's schmeat February 12, 2018
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He's like a clockwork ninja
My homie LB, he's like a clockwork ninja! Real dependable. Unlike some of you motherfuckers.
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matt, the guy u always know has the respect u need! he is the homie that is the bomb!
ey! my homie matt tsup, homie respect aaiight
by steve holt May 6, 2005
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Always their to help his homies stick up for thier game
“Son, why are you so late, it’s passed 11:30!”

“I was chillin’ with My homie cat”
by Goats ‘n Goats October 4, 2018
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the act of pouring liquid (usually an alcoholic beverage) on the ground as a sign of reverence for friends or relatives that have passed away. in most cases, a 40 ounce bottle (see: wordforty/word) of liquor is used.
yo man, i just heard mista rogaz died dogg. i'm-a pour one for my homies.
by bud newman. February 28, 2003
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What up my homies is a casual term used by "hip and swag" white boys that are trying to act cool. "What up" is a term that defines a greeting. "my" is something that is yours. "homies" Another word for "the boys".
(Enters into COD lobby with friends)
big_dingdong69: yo
1080noscope: was up bro
FaZe knArlY: yo yo my guy
"You": what up my homies
by PolishDom November 4, 2020
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