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when an obviously hot girl insults herself with the intention of having everybody around her disagree with what she said, and triggering a barrage of compliments. the easiest way to deal with a person like this is to just agree with them.
ridiculously hot girl: i'm so fat and ugly!
someone nearby: yes. yes you are. stop fishing for compliments.
by swiftlikethecandycorn May 30, 2010
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A strategy used by guys for picking up chicks on the beach in which one guy sends the stud in your group on a long bomb route and throws a football into a large group of hotties. The guy running the route will be forced to dive into the group to make the catch, thus landing face-first in the sand. The hotties will be both impressed by his remarkable athleticism and concerned for his safety. Your buddy will return to your beach house with the group of hotties, thus allowing you to pick off one of the looser chicks. This technique was popularized in American Pie 2.
Tom: Justin! Go deep!
Jesse: What are you doing?
Tom: Fishing. *throws football*
by bounce deezy July 29, 2010
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The act of insulting, or making fun of ones self, with the intention of others dissagreeing and/or complimenting that person.
This act can trigger a birage of different people getting involved, who usually also start insulting/putting themselvs down.

Found most often on social websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Girl 1:Oh god I'm soooooo ugly in this pic
Girl 2:OMG No your not! Your sooo much more pretty than I am
Girl 1:OMG NO I'm SOOOOOO fat.
Girl 2: No you're not your super skinny, I'm the fat one.
by Blue22222 January 29, 2011
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Looking for compliments;
As in fishing for compiments
Girl: "Am I pretty?"
Guy: "Yes"
Girl: "Do you really think so? What do you like about me?

Guy: "ok, now you're just fishing"
by Wiseguy95 April 06, 2017
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Fishing is when a minor stands outside a shop, fishing for an adult to buy either alcohol or cigaretts.
My brother forgot to buy me beer, so I had to go fishing outside Kmart.
by Turbogooner April 06, 2005
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Term used to describe the actions of a person who is sending out blatantly obvious pickup signals.
That bitch is fishing for a deep dickin bro.
by myooralist December 04, 2007
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