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A well-skilled angler who is an expert at petting his one-eyed snake.
I'm a master baiter.
by The Master Baiter September 09, 2004
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A well-skilled angler, gets a lot of slippery fish in hand when dipping their hook in shallow water.
Wow! did you see how many fish he caught? That guy sure is a master baiter!
by my best friend May 11, 2003
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On a fishing boat, one of the three common grades of baiters (those who handle their little fish in hope of attracting a bigger fish).
When I first started this job, I was just an Apprentice, but after long years of conscientious study and hard work, I made it to Journeyman. Now I'm studying hard and trying to work my way up to MasterBaiter!
by DaDebil July 13, 2008
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MASTERBAITER: A MASTERBAITER is the fisherman in charge of the blessing of the bait ceremony on East Coast offshore fishing boats. This duty involves the assembling of the entire fishing crew around a large circular bait tub filled with dead herring. When the crew is fully assembled the MASTERBAITER gives the order to the crew "LET THE MASTERBAIT BEGIN" at which time the circle jerk gets busy till every last dumfuk blows a charge a spunk in the bait tub. Then they go fishin, think about it the next time yer eatin fish n chips.
MASTERBAITER Ya know Jake, i been MASTERBAITER on this ol wooden hulled girl fer eleven years now. When i first gut permoted i know fukkin well the men had bigger dicks.
Yup, yer right Percy, comes ta mind that feller from Canada.
Now there was a lad with some proud flesh. Why that hog leg hung near ta his boot tops. He blew a wad clear ta the far side a the bait tub an hit Angus in the eye, near fukkin blinded em. Well Percy, somebody's gotta be MASTERBAITER but fer the few extre bucks you kin have it ol salt. See ya later.
by Isack Sack December 24, 2007
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Someone who is exceptional at baiting a fishing pole for optimum fishing pleasure. This person knows which bait to use, for the right type of fish in the area and in general is simply a master of the art of choosing the right bait.
Novice baiter; ''hey there, what type of bait should i use in this lake if i'm after bass?''

''masterbaiter- you should definately use crickets caught in the local area, bass love live bait and they're used to the local stuff''

novice baiter; ''thanks you're a real masterbaiter.''

whatever; suck my clit, you can't even spell
by Cathi Robertson July 10, 2008
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Someone who lets you talk and talk until you have completely exposed yourself.

They are masters at fishing for ideas and leading you on.
That Norbert, he is a master-baiter
by whiteson November 18, 2009
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