A bait person is someone in which, is mainly known by a lot of people that they do not know and also know a lot of people. They are often hot topics on social networking sites, amongst the younger generation, and in general conversation. They get a lot of likes on posts and pictures. They are often good looking and have many fake friends who hang around with them to be bait. Bait people are often the ones that can provide entertainment for others.
Bait people often try to 'ghost' or be 'anti-social' to hide their business, as pressure gets too much for them.
Bait people: Ricky (Mr.Carribean) , Reece Jones, Khristen McDermoth, Jerimiah Eduardo, Loco Carzino, Sam Vernage, Theresa Victor, Marcus Eyez, Wavey Nbester ect.
by kjnfb3oefbkwefbwe December 27, 2013
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