usually a dodge car that has a lot of hp but a lot of body weight
you that srt over there, yeah thats just a boat
by njcnjfsjsdvnjd February 16, 2022
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Dude, you a boat!
Thats a boat right there
He was a boat at last nights game.
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the object that andy samberg is on.
"I'm on a boat (and) its going fast (and) i've got an nautical themed, pashmina afghan"
by andysamberg April 16, 2009
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N. A hole in the water, surrounded by wood, into which money is poured.
Hey Dumbshit AKA Andrew, do you wanna take the boat out this weekend?
by steelheader March 15, 2008
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(UK)face - Cockney Slang, "Boat Race = Face"
That girl is a goddamn fatso, but she has a lovely boat. I'd do her.
by Tizzle Sizzle June 9, 2003
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