A site where it's a challenge to find one subject where no one talks about sex.
Me: *Looks up 'Cookie'*
Definition: "A woman's pussy."
Me: Uh, okay. *Looks up 'Kelly Clarkson'
Definition: "A fine young piece of ass that I'd do some naughty things to if I met."
Me: *Looks up 'Herbal Essences'
Definition: "The act of ripping a girl's ass and pouring shampoo down the middle."
Me: Of course, Urban Dictionary. Of course.
by holamonsieur March 20, 2010
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A website where every god damn definition has to involve something gross and/or sexual.
by A WHITE GUY September 08, 2016
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A great idea initially , but its quality has drastically deteriorated year after year and continues to get worse. It was founded in 1999 by Aaron Peckham while he was a freshman computer science major. Shortly afterwards it became abused by mostly teenagers/ dumbass children and to a lesser degree mentally stunted adults (largely due to the non-existent moderater position to look over words submitted). These individuals continue to flood its space with high levels of immaturity, retardation, first names of acquaintances with definitions that don't make sense to anyone, political bias, shitty grammar, nonsensical sexual innuendo stupidity and random words with definitions pulled out of thin air that are not used as slang by any living being in society . On occasion you can actually find a professional input of a real slang word that is legitimate and professional. RIP URBAN DICTIONARY. "You were good while you lasted."
Urban Dictionary is garbage. Everytime I go on this website a piece of my heart dies and I shed a tear.
by Old school bossman September 14, 2020
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A place where jerkoffs and trolls define themselves and others. A place where people go to figure out what shit means because they're too lame and out of the loop. A place where people try to make up their own horseshit slang so that it can trend and they can take credit. A place where people try and define their favorite celebrities to show appreciation despite the fact that those celebrities will never come on here to see them. This is a place that people go to to look up their own names and either get a major boner over it or get majorly butthurt over it.

Yet all this is part of Urban Dictionary's plan to conquer their long-run goal of selling enough mugs.
Speaking of which, click below to buy an "Urban Dictionary" mug!
by Number11Doctor August 15, 2019
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Andrew was doing his homework, but then started looking up definitions on Urban Dictionary.
by Nytesdawn October 03, 2012
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Mostly people who just want to share their ridiculous slang words, to enhance the English language.

However; often used as a way for jealous or angsty people to post hate towards whom ever they wish with impunity (by way of anonymity). Examples can be found in posts for almost all stereotypes (hip, goth, emo, rocker, skater. etc), almost all nationalities, bands or music groups, and basically any thing that anyone could feel threatened by. When searching for a hate message or angst filled reply, look for the following:

- The entire entry written in first person form from the poster. Often in a way that makes the poster seem superior to the crowd they are defining


"(insert defined group here): hello nice day were having
(insert poster here): Fuck you (defined group here), your not (positive adjective)!"

- A lack of any real knowledge on the subject other than that already known to the general public. Also contains a combination of personal opinions in as a fact on the topic matter.


"Britney spears sucks and she can't sing. Blond haired bimbo whos music is awful and whos followers don't know sh*t."

- Anyone who writes anything claiming to know the real truth. Most common in music postings. It's a way of saying mainstream or well known artists or opinions are always bad/wrong. The argument can't be maintained since music is a personal choice and as such how good or bad any piece of music is can only be determined by the individual.


"50 Cent blows and only if you listen to MF Doom you are sick."

"If you like Pulp fiction and have never even heard of Trainspotting your obviously don't know shit."

- Politics coming into play. For a definition politics play no bearing, only the represented fact. Even while describing politically charged term no politics should be permitted to taint the description.


"Neocons want to destory the whole world with their wars and military industrial complex."

opposed with,

"Neocons are often pro war and defend establishment and maintenance of the military industrial complex."

- Lastly; Racism. Avoid it. People can't help how they are born, make fun of them for choice they do make.


"Fuck (insert race/gender/colour/sexual orientation/looks/height/or anything genetically predisposed)"

There is hope though. As an Urban dictionary poster, you can avoid all of the aforementioned pitfalls by just following these easy rules:

1) Don't assume your better than anyone else.

2) Write down what you know and don't speculate on anything.

3) Exclude your personal opinion.

4) Use a spell check.

Knowledge is power. Misinformation is cancer.
A lot of posts on Urban Dictionary could be re-written or deleted off this web site. Specifically anything which doesn't add anything to a definition.
by iRant May 06, 2009
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Concrete proof of the degeneration of the human race's collective intelligence.
If you haven't lost your faith in humanity already, just spend a few minutes browsing Urban Dictionary. This is the next generation? Yup. We're doomed.
by omgnakedpeople June 10, 2007
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