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A site where it's a challenge to find one subject where no one talks about sex.
Me: *Looks up 'Cookie'*
Definition: "A woman's pussy."
Me: Uh, okay. *Looks up 'Kelly Clarkson'
Definition: "A fine young piece of ass that I'd do some naughty things to if I met."
Me: *Looks up 'Herbal Essences'
Definition: "The act of ripping a girl's ass and pouring shampoo down the middle."
Me: Of course, Urban Dictionary. Of course.
by holamonsieur March 20, 2010
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A place formerly used to find out about slang, and now a place that teens with no life use as a burn book to whine about celebrities, their friends, etc., let out their sexual frustrations, show off their racist/sexist/homophobic/anti-(insert religion here) opinions, troll, and babble about things they know nothing about. isn't a burn book or a webjournal site.
by Lucy March 18, 2005
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A good, original idea for a website until it was hijacked after takeoff by the majority of the teenage populaton and 45% of the adult population.

Most of these people take forms as trolls, flamers, ignorant retards, fanboys/fangirls, or people who just manage to piss everyone off with their definitions. Only a small minority of the definitions on this site are written by sane, logical, smart people.

Sadly, many stupid, ignorant people had to butcher those definitons simply because they saw the definition got alot of thumbs ups.

One major problem of the site is that because 75% of the definitions on Urbandictionary are written by sex addicted morons, 80% of the definitions are sexually related, turning a good movie, GoldenEye, into some sex maneuver that simply doesn't even makes sense.

People also turn this site into a place to let their anger out on respectable, good people. For example, one definition for the police was "
An asshole who arrested innocent people for smoking weed". Well, if they were smoking weed, they wouldn't be innocent would they?

Other people also feel the urge to criticize famous people on Urbandictionary simply because no one wants to listen to their ignorant gibberish in reality.

Plus, half of the definitions on this site contain typos, grammar mistakes, and typing that makes them look like they are texting a definition.
11 year old troll:
fkin lebron james suks donkey dik i could even take dat nigguh in a match

Stupid Jealous Flamer:
Bill Gates is a motherfucker cause he's filthy rich and doesn't care about other people.

Horny teenager:
Goldeneye: when u piss in ur gf's eye during sex
*proceeds to crash his laptop due to tryin to watch porn*

Angry criminal:
Police: Power abusing assholes who took my crack cocaine and confiscated everything I had, they suck ass.
by 12 year old with some logic August 08, 2010
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A website with a brilliant concept that could have become great if it hadn't been overrun by a mob of losers, who spend their days trying to feel important and popular by:

1. Insulting politicians, the guy who stole their lollipop when they were 7, the post before theirs, the poster's mother and everything else on God's green earth.

"OMFG xxx sux arse!!1!1!!"

2. In the process proving that despite the concerted efforts of taxpaying citizens and the Government, the majority of the American population cannot spell.

3. Exercising their creative juices by insulting everyone else in the most innovative, intelligent manner possible. Usually something like:

"Wtf yuo r a muthafcuka n shudd suk yur dad's dick! LOLOLOL"

4. Typing bullshit. Classic examples: 50 facts about women and anything written by sony roolz.

Please, if you've ever been guilty of any of these, go to the nearest wall and smack your head against it a few times. Thereafter, help keep Urbandictionary free from the masses of retards roaming the Internet. Blam posts that are nonsensical, hateful or just plain dumb. Before clicking that send button, doublecheck that you're not making yourself sound like a complete tool. If you know anyone who does any of the above four on a regular basis, shoot them and burn up their computers. Then maybe we could turn this website back to a useful resource instead of a soapbox for mentally backward individuals.
by Fooby June 08, 2004
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A site with an amazing concept that was great up until 2005-ish. Today, 90% of Urban Dictionary is clogged with bizarre sexual acts that have fucking nothing to do with the original definitions.

The site in general is poorly moderated and misspelled to the bone. I often wonder if the creators of this site are still alive. I don't have much of a problem with incorrect spellings, but this shit heap has redefined (no pun intended) the word "misspell"

Today, 10 year olds enjoy this place the most. The small amount of definitions on here that don't relate to sex, usually relates to race or stereotypes. The 0.01% of the normal definitions are from back when this site was decent. Grow the fuck up, people.
(5 years ago)Urban dictionary user: England- A country in Western Europe with a mixed population. Invented the blah blah blah...
(Now) Urban dictionary user: a englend iz wen a gril wif croooked teet bites ur dick. dis becuz peeple in englennd hav bad teeth frm teh tee drinkin

Goodbye Urban Dictionary, you were great while you lasted...
by nobudhy December 30, 2009
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