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Reason why women, democracy, freedom and loch ness monster are believed to exist.
Reasonable person: Obviously we have no democracy, its all mass media proaganda, elections are rigged
Hillary Clinton supporter: How you dare this country is built on lies you fucking motherfucking racist misogynist sexist anti-democracist anti-freedomist, you are ass-raped traitor and agent of Kremlinplaying into hands of Donald Trump, when our glorious CIA beloved and Pentagon cherished overlordess will come to power you will pay for your treason, we will fucking lock you up in guantanamo and waterboard you till you'll confess that you're mentally insane and all you said was a lie and no emails ever existed!
by 32121 August 7, 2016
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A woman so hot that you can fry, bake, boil and reheat food by inserting it insider her anus or pussy
Delicious sausages, straight from the oven!
by 32121 August 6, 2016
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A guide into how to terrorize the top 1% into sharing their wealth.
The top 1% holds far more wealth than bottom 50% combined, we need to summon ghosts of the past, present and future as it is written in the Christmas Carol to scare the shit out of Goldman Sachs so they would give their money back to the community!
by 32121 December 17, 2017
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You actually thought it's a good idea to look me up on urban dictionary? Wrong choice.
by 32121 November 20, 2015
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Best british export since world domination and colonization.
Damn UK totally went down the drain in last several decades, best they have done is runescape.
by 32121 July 23, 2016
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Unrecognized state created by radical chechen jihadists which decided how nice it would be if it would be legal to keep slaves, commit rape on a daily basis, chop people you disagree heads off and toss homosexuals from rooftops. Rest of the world, including Chechnya itself didn't understood this idea and began bombing the hell outta them for some reason.
Again mass media channels showing this Soviet Isistan propaganda, ffs i took enormous effort to lift my hand a press button on my remote control to watch Game of Thrones porn and assasinations, not some caucasian weirdos porn and assasinations.
by 32121 July 23, 2016
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