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late for over 10 minutes every time
Person 1: The teacher has been late for 10 minutes already!
Person 2: When does Christine start teaching us?
by ccthz January 27, 2021
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What you're doing when using urban dictionary.
I'm masturbating.
by ccthz January 28, 2021
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on9 (憨鳩) is a Cantonese swear word which means foolish, stupid and brainless.
It is pronounced as 'on' + 'gau'. ('gau' is the Cantonese pronunciation of '9')
It is a friendly swear word to laugh, scold or discriminate other ppl.

on99 (憨鳩鳩): very foolish
on9 zai (憨鳩仔): a foolish guy
on lun 7 9 (憨撚柒鳩): extremely stupid, mostly used to scold others when angry
on gui (憨居): a less violent way to say on9
Person 1: The guy steps on a piece of shit and slips.
Person 2: HAHA, he is really on9.
by ccthz November 22, 2021
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able to date 5 girls during the same time
Person 1: poor me... I can't get a girlfriend.
Person 2: you should learn from Melcome then.
by ccthz January 27, 2021
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A guy who has a crush on a girl for ages and everyone including the girl knows, but never admits it.
Person 1: My roomate loved the girl Sally for 6 years already, but he never dares to admit.
Person 2: Now Sally is leaving the city and he won't have chance anymore. He's really an Oliver.
by ccthz January 27, 2021
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Oliver is a guy who loves Sally for ages, and never changes his mind. Many people praise him that he only loves one person in his life.
A: Did you break up with your boyfriend?
B:Yeah, he is now dating another girl... I wish he were an Oliver.
by ccthz November 18, 2019
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